The Orchid: Chapter Two


Written by Leeto Mshweshwe

Chapter 2

It’s early in the morning. I have no idea what time it is but I’m dragging myself to the door. The knock has been unbearable for the past 10 minutes. I thought whoever it is would go away but No! The nuisance just knocked even harder and louder. Even making rhythmic knocks.

I unlock and open..

Okay_I take back the nuisance part. He is standing here in front of me in a white t-shirt and dark blue jean shorts with white sneakers. He smiles. I get hot flushes immediately. I blink and try as hard as I can to close my yawning mouth.

Damn it Leya, close your mouth!!

“Good morning my Lady” he says. I have no idea what to do next.

Wait, I am frozen. Completely below zero degrees I tell you. I come back to reality when he walks past me and into my flat. I am still standing there when he sits on my mini dinner table that accommodates only four people. I am staring at him, wondering what his purpose is in life. Who he is and what he wants with me. Only thing I have gathered is that he is a fluent Xhosa speaking educated man with exclusive taste. Scrap the fact that the second time I saw him he was driving some scrappy old metal wearing overalls covered in soil.

“Cataleya, stop staring at me” – He says.

He is looking straight into my eyes. I look away and walk towards my bedroom. Since last night, there has been this certain aura when I am around him. The need to be respectful and submissive in his presence. I am Not scared of him but just reserving what I should say or the amount of time I should spend looking in his eyes or even being too close to him.

“Uhm…” I begin to speak as I stand a few steps away from him, looking at my bare feet as I play with my big toes. “Can I get you anything?”

What?? Girl, you ain’t got groceries remember!

His back is slightly arched on the chair. He is looking at me, I can feel it as I stare down at my feet. I can’t bring myself to look at him straight in the eyes, especially after he told me flat out not to.

“I came here to ask if you would like to have breakfast with me?” he says, leaning forward. His elbows balanced on his knees and his soft hands holding my left hand.

“You know, for such an extravagant and weirdly talented artist, you have the most beautiful hands.” He flickers a tiny smile and I can’t help but blush like a little school girl, my hand still in his.

“So? Breakfast?” he asks, with his eyes widened in question.

The body can be such a deceiver. My mind screamed “NOOOO!!!” but my body, it sent a message straight to my head to nod.

“Great!! I will come back in…” he looks at his watch. “3 hours. I have a meeting in Paarl, so as soon as I get back… it’s me and you” he gets up and holds both my hands in his arms. He inhales deeply and exhales again, as if in relief. “Thank you” he whispers as he looks at me in the eye, his one hand raising my face to look nowhere else but in his hazel brown eyes.

I can literally feel my knees wobbling. He plants his lips on my forehead again, like last night. I find my eyes shutting once more. I inhale his cologne as he rests my head on his chest. Gaaaaawd!! He smells so great!

it is 10 o’clock when I make my way downstairs in a floral maxi dress and a pair of red stilettos Lebo bought me as a good luck present when I opened the shop. I am sure you are wondering what time HE was at my flat. I was also flabbergasted when I realised that I was that intimate with a stranger at almost 7 am in the morning.

A silver Dodge Calibre is downstairs waiting for me. I feel overwhelmed as the driver opens for me and I enter. The driver does not say a single word until we reach our destination after 35 minutes tops. The huge gates open and it is another drive of about 60 seconds before we are parked in front of the Antique wooden door. This must be a hotel or lodge that has a restaurant or something. The driver opens for me and leads the way into the house.

It is huge, classy, elegant, has a touch of old school and modern. Antique and expensive. Everything just blends together. On the outside it looks like a revamped house that was first built in the early 1700’s but inside, it is a masterpiece.

“I am so glad you could join me” I turn around, he is smiling. That smile will be the death of me I tell you. His arms are wide open as he makes him way towards me. I swallow hard as that aura consumes me again. This man totally makes me nervous, I don’t even want to make a single mistake.

I give him a pleasant hug and he kisses my neck. SHIVERS!! I’m immediately attacked. He leads me to the dining room, the dinner table is huge and long, romantically decorated. I am sure 15 people fit or even more.

He pulls out the chair for me next to the one at the head. I guess he does not want me to sit at the end of the table. He sits at the end right next to me. I am nervous as hell. I don’t even know this handsome man’s name. What if he is a vampire? What if he wants to have breakfast with me and then still have me for the bigger feast? No!! Let me out of here! My heart is literally crying for help banging on my chest.

“I told the staff to take the morning off… didn’t want any disturbance” he says. I smile politely as I take a sip of the freshly squashed orange juice. He keeps looking at me and then smile to himself, slightly shaking his head. It’s weird but then again I find it flattering. It’s like he is proud of himself.


We finish eating and a helper in uniform comes in pushing a trolley. She loads everything on it and disappears again. We are left with a full jug of juice and ice. He refills my glass, his eyes completely glued at me. This is uncomfortable, I can’t look at him in the eye. His eyes, his smile, those teeth, they are the death of me. I just can’t!

“So tell me…” he holds my hand. I look at him, he looks back at me then I quickly look down. He giggles, shaking his head slightly. His cell phone ringing interrupts him. He takes it out of the pocket and his smiles immediately vanishes when he looks at the screen.

“Yes? Can’t you fix it? I am busy…” he looks at me, gets up and stands a few meters away. The conversation is not pleasant. It sounds like he is needed somewhere. “Do I have to do everything? Why the hell am I paying you then if you can’t do a simple task?” he bangs on the wall and I immediately react. He stares at me. I can see anger in his eyes as he is speaking on the phone.

“Listen! Fix it! I have more important things to do with my morning. Like spending it with my woman. It’s not my fault you are single. Just fix it or else quit!”

he hangs up and looks at the phone for a second before dropping it inside a fish bowl filled with water.

Oh he’s just showing off! He must have a lot more others stored all over the house.

“I am so sorry about that My Lady… I promise, there won’t be any more interruptions” he giggles nervously. He can see I am shaken by his sudden behaviour.

He stares at me, it takes me only a few seconds before it becomes too much for me and I look away. He softly pulls my face to look at him again. I can’t look him in the eyes. I might die. Seriously!

“Do you have plans for tomorrow?” he asks.

“I have this holiday present I got from a client so I am taking my friend with for the week” his eyes widen.

“Do art buyers do that?” I widen my eyes in question. “I mean do they give gifts?”I shrug my shoulders. “I don’t know but I couldn’t refuse and besides I could use a break” I say, taking a sip of the juice.

“This means I will see you next week?” he is not pleased! At all!

Bring up a solution Leya!! Quick!!

“I can cut it short” I say

No!! That was my mouth alone. I swear, my brain had nothing to do with that.

He smiles and I die, my heart just sinks and my knees wobble. If his smile could kill, then I’d be a cat.

“You would do that for me?” he asks, frowning. I nod, also frowning because I did not expect him to frown. I was expecting a more like ‘stab me to death’ smile. “No, don’t… I will be out of town anyways.” He says.

“Meaning even if I didn’t get that gift, you still would not see me” I look down, twiddle my fingers as a school girl.

“I was prepared to cancel” he stands up and walks to the bar.

“I was willing to cut it short” I say, standing up and following him. The glass of juice in my hand.

“I would never expect a sacrifice from you, for me. EVER!” He is serious. His veins are popping out of his forehead. He’s grinding his teeth. He gulps down the glass of whiskey he was pouring. I look at his hands and they are literally shaking. He places down the glass and grabs mine as well.

He smiles, I die!


“Shall we?” he’s leading me to the door. I have my arm over his elbow. God! He smells divine.

The Dodge is still where it was when I came in. He takes out a R200 note from his wallet and hands it to the driver. “Don’t tell mother” The driver hands him the keys but refuses to take the money. He giggles as he puts the money in his pocket and opens the passenger’s seat for me.

We drive out of the estate. I have so many questions but I am still so nervous to ask anything. I’m even wondering how I survived that breakfast. Maybe because he asked about me and I just answered him straight, without looking at him.

If he smiles, I die!



We arrive at my shop. He opens for me and he takes a whiff of that tantalising smell of colour, paint, wood and mud!

“So this is your place of solace?” he asks. He is holding my hand, our fingers locked as we are walking around the shop and I am showing him all my originals and explaining the inspiration. We are laughing, he is making jokes and I am feeling… oh I don’t know.

I keep looking at his face, his teeth, his smile and our hands. They are still locked. I’m guessing his age. If I were to match his face with age, I’d say he is a few years older than me. That would explain the sense and aura of authority I get every time I am around him.

“My Empress, I have to love and leave you now.”


He pulls me closer, holds both of my hands and starts planting light kisses on them. I really feel so special right now! He’s looking at me again, I look away. “Why are you so scared of looking at me?” I look down. I cannot answer that, even if I tried, I would fail dismally!

“My Lady, My Beautiful Orchid…”

Stop!!! I am probably bathed in pink flushes already.

“You are so beautiful” he is serious again. It’s like he just discovered that right now. I can’t look at him, I look down.

He raises my face, forcing me to look at him. He’s reading my eyes, I am reading his. He’s staring at my lips, I am concentrating on his eyes. It feels like De Ja vu. I have seen those eyes before. Could be television or a painting.

Oh!! Cut it out Leya already! He’s the only person with these eyes!!

“Can I kiss you?” I hear a begging whisper. He is not breathing at all. He is coming closer, my eyes are staring into his as our lips are slowly reaching out to each other. They meet, my eyes shut and I give myself to him. I forget the world, I forget the paintings, the furniture, the clay and even the fact that I don’t know this man’s name or who he is. The only thing I know now are his lips singing a song on mine, riding a bike on mine but most explicitly playing the violin on mine.

“Ooh, I am so sorry…” That’s Lebo. “I’ll come back some other time”

“No, no, no, beautiful lady, I was just saying my goodbyes” He looks back at me and smiles. “I will see you when I get back” I nod, smiling. He looks at me thinning his eyes and then pulls me closer. He holds me tightly but careful not to break my bones. “Thank you for a lovely morning” he whispers. He plants a light but stamped kiss on my forehead and excuses himself.

He’s gone!! I can’t stop smiling!

“You Freaky witch with an Afro… I can’t believe this! You have a man”

I do??

“A filthy rich man!! Damn Cuz, I didn’t know you could pull it off.”

“Did you say rich?” I ask, turning on my PC.

“No. I said FIL-THY Rich. Mkhululi Malinga is a very important man especially in this country for the defence Department.”

Wait… she said Who????





I am not mad. I am not pissed nor am I angry at Him. Well I don’t know. Yes I am surprised that he is the same person who bought my painting and got me that expensive holiday but, why didn’t he tell me his name.

“Maybe he thought you knew” Lebo says. We are sitting at the restaurant across the street. I am having a strawberry daiquiri and she, a glass of cold red wine. She loves her Wine and she is very well informed about all the differences.

“I doubt it… I mean, he should have realised that I didn’t connect the dots the moment I told him about the holiday in the first place.” I am rambling on and on about how he has lied to me and the fact that I was so stupid to accept the gift from a stranger. Lebo has her mouth hanging and eyes all gobbled out. She’s looking behind me, I turn around, and he’s here.

“My Love, trust me I realised it but I couldn’t tell you. Besides I wanted to see your face when I welcome you myself at my hotel tonight.” He says as he pulls out the chair and sits beside me. Lebo chokes, I give her a stare down.

“My Empress, please. I need you to be there. You just have to please” he is seriously begging me. Both my hands in his. He is rubbing and kissing them. Lebo and I are communicating with eyes. I end up nodding, my body not listening to neither my heart nor head which are totally against Mkhululi and his charm.

Yes! He is Mkhululi Malinga. Head of production at International Arms and Ammunition Inc. Yes he owns a company that makes Guns and Bombs. I am certain he owns one too. He is the second born of three Males. There is nothing on the net about his brothers or his parents. He owns small Hotels around the country, especially places close to the mountain. He has a doctorate degree in Business Management and Finance. Not only handsome but smart too. Two ticks on my father’s list already.



Its 5pm when I make my way downstairs with my mini suitcase. Mkhululi said he will pick me up and we will drive together. He practically gave me no choice. I gather he is the type of person that prefers things done his way or the high way, which is practically his way still. He is wearing a Navy Tuxedo. I am in a red number with black stilettos. These things are killing me and I haven’t arrived at the venue yet. We will meet Lebo there, she called and said something about Mandla and the car and a party somewhere. I didn’t ask any further questions.

“You look beautiful” he startles me when he reaches for my neck and kisses it as a hello. He helps me get in the car as the driver loads my suitcase in the boot of the Limo. My face flushes! Immediately! He helps me get in and he sits next to me. He is excited. Too excited.


Is he seriously asking me that? I am literally frozen. The night is warm and chilled but trust me, he still dominates as the reason my knees wobble. I swallow hard as I look at him, completely concentrating on his face, careful not to meet with his eyes as he speaks to the driver. Ours eyes meet, I quickly look away. I am still afraid of those eyes.

“I have something for you” He reaches out of his pocket and takes out a ring box. Is he proposing?? After 3 days? You have got to be kidding the shit out of me. My mind screams!! My heart Jumps and I spill the glass of champagne all over myself as the Limo hits a pothole. Great! Clumsy as always Leya!! Nice move dweeb!

“Oh my god, I am so sorry!! I am really sorry” I keep apologising. The champagne is cold as the North Pole on my breasts. My nipples immediately react and rise for attention. He notices because they are standing out on the silk Dress. Why I wore this one? I also have no damn idea.

He clears his throat, his eyes fixed on my two twins. He looks at me as he bites his lower lip. I am frozen, literally. I can’t feel my legs or my arms. He’s coming closer, slowly and I have a chance to interrupt him but I don’t because I want this. I want him to kiss me, I want him to touch me. My loins are calling out for him. His lips reach out for my neck. A light wet kiss sends thrills down my spine, I tremble with my mouth letting out a gasp. He makes his way to my ears and he whispers: “I want to hold you in my arms tonight” I swallow as he pulls back just slightly and we are looking at each other. A kiss is inevitable and who am I to interrupt it?



The place is heaven. I cannot begin to explain it. It has fountains everywhere. I notice a very familiar statue and the way it is built. It reminds me of something but before I find out what it is, He is pulling me close and we are walking to the elevators. I turn around and stare at it as we are walking away from it.

“That’s the statue of Ngonyama Yezulu. A sacred family Lion. The protector of our family and our loved ones” He did not just say that I made a mini statue of his Family Protector. I am flabbergasted, but I don’t say a thing.

We reach my room and it is beautiful. There is a knock on the door just as he is about to come close to me. He goes to open. It’s the porter, he is holding a phone on a tray. “Phone call for Mrs Malinga”

Say what???

He smiles and takes the phone from the Porter, I am confused and shocked but I take it as he hands it to me. It’s Lebo, she is cancelling on me. On a normal day, I would be pissed and probably end up cancelling and going home too but Tonight, I am glad!

I put the phone down and follow him to the kitchen. It’s a penthouse suite. “Take a shower and change my lady… we have dinner at 8” he says, totally not paying attention to me but the piece of cake he is attacking with the folk. He looks at me and offers, I shake my head. That Mrs Malinga shit still pisses me off, a little though.

“Cataleya sooner or later you will be Mrs Malinga and the Queen of my kingdom. My empire.” It’s like I do not have a choice in this matter. I melt as soon as he takes my face in his hand and pulls me closer. He makes my lips his. “I could kiss you everyday” he whispers between the smooching sounds.

I could get used to you kissing me all day, every day!

Hands are touching everywhere. Breathing has changed. I am against the kitchen wall and we can’t get our hands off each other, He keeps saying shit and fuck and damn. Trust me, I am doing nothing but following his lead. We are only just kissing.

“What the hell!!” he grunts, his phone interrupting us. I am breathing heavily and shock as hell. What just happened!! Last thing I remember is being mad about something, I don’t remember what it was. I don’t blame myself though, I blame his lips. They completely wipe off my memory of anything!

“Baby, I need to go out for a few minutes. Will you be okay?” He is fixing himself. I pick up his tie and help him dress up. Yeah, his shirt had already been on the floor. #HideFace #NaughtyEyes .

“I promise I will be all yours tonight, this whole week in fact” he says as he plants a fast one on my forehead and he’s gone. It is barely a minute he walked out and already we are on the phone. I didn’t even know he had my number. I am laughing, tears pouring out my ears. He is telling me about how aroused on he is and that he can’t get it down but he is in a meeting.

He is crazy. I want to tell him but I don’t want to offend him. He still scares me you know. Even though I am starting to be comfortable around him, I am still watching what I say, hence I hardly talk unless he is asking something.

It is 9 pm, he is not back yet. We were supposed to go to dinner like he said at 8. I had already dressed up too, like he said. I am disappointed, sad and lonely. I miss him too and his phone is off. I end up calling room service ordering just for myself a light meal and a bottle of wine. I try calling him after each glass and before I know it, the bottle is empty.

It’s almost 12 am when I decide to get into bed. The TV has nothing interesting and the music is just blur on the radio tonight. I change into my two piece navy satin short pj’s and get into bed.

The lights are off when I hear him tiptoe next to the bed. I am pretending to be asleep. I can feel his eyes on me and his warm breath on my face. He plants a kiss on my eye. “I am so sorry your highness” he whispers. He reeks of cigars and alcohol but I want him. I want him to hold me tonight. Make love? Probably. I trust him enough to give myself to him. I didn’t even question him about sleeping arrangements. He probably knew he was planning on sleeping here with me tonight. If Lebo had come she would probably be in her own room.

His phone vibrates, I hear him curse under his breath because it’s interrupting him from undressing. “Yeah? It’s not a big deal man. Just promise me I don’t have to do that again. I fuckin hate mistakes. They cost a lot of money. It’s almost Christmas dude… yeah, yeah, yeah! I’ll talk to the boys. Last thing we need is blood on our hands… chat later man”

He hops on the bed and gets under the covers. He is cold! I quickly move my leg from his, but his hands are warm. I let him hold me from behind.

“Leya, Baby?”

Should I respond? My body makes that decision for me. I have the most deceiving body ever. I can feel his hands caressing my body under the covers, his eyes staring at my face, I can feel it. Even though I can’t see him, I am sure he can with the help from the moon shining from outside behind him. He places his trembling hand on my buttocks and I gasp as he spanks it then squeezes tightly. If this is my boyfriend or my man or whatever. Then I am in for a very kinky 34 year old man.

I open my eyes and look at him. He apologises and says it took longer than expected. I tell him it is okay before he even finishes explaining. I don’t want to know, not tonight maybe tomorrow. The rest of the night or better yet, the morning, I am in his arms, my head on his chest. The soft and almost brownish caramel skin next to mine. I could live like this!

I am first to wake up, he is fast asleep, like a baby. Literally! I stumble upon the heap of clothes on the floor. Careful not to wake him up I pick them up and throw them on the couch. But My eyes did not expect to see this, neither was I prepared. His vest is covered in blood.

Now the question comes to mind, where was he last night?

I don’t ask him a thing when he wakes up. I have a prepared a feast for breakfast. Ordering in was not an option, I felt like cooking for him. The blood scared me but I am sure there is a perfect explanation for it. He is devouring the bacon, eggs and sausages like there is no tomorrow.

“You make me miss home. Mom prepares this every time I am home” he has this glow on his face, either from the food or missing his mom. I want to ask about the blood but I choose to ask about his family.

He confirms that he has two brothers like the social networks said, his parents are in the Eastern Cape enjoying retirement. His older brother is a business man and the youngest an IT Expert.

He is only in his boxers and he does not seem to mind at all. I have covered myself in one of the gowns in the hotel. I will only reveal when I have given up the cookie. Thank you very much!

He looks at me, I am staring at the couch from afar. He turns his head and looks straight at it. He frowns, wipes his moth and walks over to it. He picks up the vest.

What lie is he brewing? He is standing there for a good 2 minutes. “I can explain” he says, walking towards me with it in his hand. I take a step back and I am against the fridge. “Get that filthy thing away from me” I react, immediately.

Images of Sikho and his wife flash through my brain. I shut my eyes. He tries to touch me and I move his hand away from me. I look at him, he is confused and he doesn’t know what to do. How did I get here? I want to cry, I want to cry so badly and my eyes are already deceiving me. The tears race down my cheeks. I can’t stop them, neither can I breath. I am coughing. “Baby? What’s wrong?” I see him tossing the vest aside and in one go, he picks my tiny body and carries me to the bed. I love his arms!

I must have passed out. He is sitting next to me, watching me sleep. “Don’t ever do that again. You scared me to death woman” he looks startled. I apologise. I really don’t know what came over me. I thought I was over the Sikho drama but clearly not. I have not been exposed to blood like that in a long time too. The passing out bit, I have no comment for it. He hugs me tightly. “The doctor was right, you need to rest” This man is insane. I just passed out for Christ’s sake.

“You called the doctor?” I ask, my voice husky and rust. He nods and brings me some water, so thoughtful. “I didn’t know what was wrong with you. You  just, fainted after going all crazy on me because of some blood splatters. If you must know, we were slaughtering a goat at a friend’s braai in the township” he is looking at me like he just gave me a compliment.

“You left me here? Alone? For a braai?” I am becoming more enraged than hurt. He can see it in my eyes, I am sure! “No baby, it’s not like that. The guys were here at the hotel, they dragged me to the meeting and one thing led to the other and I am in Gugulethu at a braai. I am really sorry sthandwa sam.”

Is he telling the truth?

I forgive him anyways. I can’t stay mad at this pretty face. The doorbell rings, I cover myself as he walks to open. I hear a male voice, he walks out and closes the door behind him. It is only a few minutes and he is back, leaving the door open. “It’s my brother” what!!!!

“What is your brother doing in my hotel room?” I ask. Even though I spoke without thinking, I sure was not expecting the answer. “Uhm… Technically Your highness, this is my private apartment.” Shoot me now!! Bury me in a ditch somewhere!! I fume. He is begging and I end up nodding, he kisses me excitedly, forcing me to fall on the bed on my back. He’s on top of me, kissing and touching. He forgets about his brother.

“Brother, that’s enough” The voice behind him demands, He gets off of me. Our eyes meet. I am embarrassed. He walked in on me halfway through doing the deed with a man I have known for less than a week. Shameful Leya! Really shameful.

“So this is the Cataleya Orchid you have been talking about?” the brother says, walking with so much pride across the room to the couch. He is walking with a cane but he is not limping. It has a lion head and it looks pretty expensive.

“Leya baby, this is Melumzi, My elder brother” He does not have a single smile on his face, he does not seem pleased at all that his brother is in our presence, or mine alone. But, Melumzi… he has this smirk on his face I wish Mkhululi could just punch off of his face. Wait!! Did I just say that?

“Cataleya Mfiki, so nice to finally lay my eyes on you beautiful lady… you sure know how pick them brother. Let’s hope she is not cray….” Mkhululi is grabbing him by the arm and dragging him to the door. “what do you want??” they are whispering but I can hear them clearly.

“Portia called me, she says Zana has been asking about you” Melumzi says.

“Tell Portia to see me first thing Monday, now is that all?” Mkhululi is agitated. He wants him gone! This idiot knows that he is a nuisance but he is still wearing that smug. Punch him baby!! Just punch him!

I am no longer listening, I figured it is work related. I make my way to the bathroom. “Nice to see you Cat” he yells as I walk away. I wave, giving Mkhululi confused eyes. He shrugs his shoulders.

The brother is gone when I come back. Mkhululi is laying on the bed. “I never get to laze around like this. Thank you My Lady, you have added some sparkles and lights in me” I smile, not sure what to say. I join him in bed. He caresses me with every kiss and every twirl our tongues make. He owns my lips and my body. Take me Mr Malinga! Take Me!!

He breaks away from me. “There is someone I want you to meet” he’s smiling, just a little though. “Who?” I ask, curiosity killed the cat once, well it choked me.

“My Daughter”


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  1. Lillie November 16, 2016 at 9:40 am

    I told you she freaking likes the guy, no girl will feel the urge to be submissive to a man she doesn’t like. I’m liking this read. Chapter 3 please 🙂

  2. Yada November 16, 2016 at 10:20 am

    Love and deception!!!

  3. Helen Kimpler November 16, 2016 at 10:27 am

    Leeto your writing style is very engaging, your characters come to life with each chapter.

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    The story builds up more anticipation with each chapter

  5. Ted Mosby November 17, 2016 at 2:09 am

    “The body can be such a deceiver. My mind screamed “NOOOO!!!” but my body, it sent a message straight to my head to nod”

    Resistance is futile

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    Wow when I 1st read chapter one didn’t expect to be hooked like this. Now I want all chapters, curiosity has got the better of me now.

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    That guy didn’t court this girl, he gave himself the girl and no questions or objects made. I like that, authority.


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