Zimbabwe belongs only to one race

Africametro — Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe has ordered the nation’s remaining white farmers to be booted off their farms so the land can be given to Black Zimbabweans. Speaking to Black farmers in Mhangura, a small mining town about 120 miles north of the capital Harare, Mugabe said all remaining white farmers should leave – and that he would close the door even on white families renting farms from black owners, as some several hundred have been doing since most were violently chased out a decade ago. “We say no to whites owning our land and they should go,” the 90 year-old aristocrat told the crowd. “Don’t be too kind to white farmers. Land is yours, not theirs”.

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe calls for total Black supremacy in the country

“We fought these people. We can’t be soft on them when it comes to land. We’ve not chased them away from this country – they’re still there in the industries, in the cities.” Mugabe’s call for Black land ownership is not new, though it has become more extreme since he took power in 1980. He has instituted a number of land reforms that have led to violence and the ouster of thousands of white farmers off of their lands with no compensation. The long-term Zimbabwean president has also used more hostile language in reference to Whites, who he said were part of “an evil alliance”.

Overall, the number of whites in Zimbabwe has decreased steadily since the 1970s, when around 300,000 lived there. Now, there are approximately 30,000 whites living in the country and, according to the BBC, between 100 and 150 white farmers left. “We will have no mercy for white people regarding the land, they cannot own our soil,” Mugabe told his audience. “That should never happen. They [whites] were living like kings and queens on our land and we chucked them out. Now we want all of it,” Mugabe added.

Before independence, Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) was once an agricultural powerhouse under the Whites
Before independence, Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) was once an agricultural powerhouse under the Whites

Zimbabwe attained independence from Great Britain in 1980. At that time it was known as the jewel of Africa, the breadbasket in the continent that exports wheat, tobacco, and corn to the rest of the world. The country also had the best educational system among all African states. The Zimbabwean dollar was of higher value than the US dollar, with 1 ZWD fetching 1.47 USD. Mugabe’s racial policies, however, brought about an economic failure that transformed one of Africa’s wealthiest state into a dust-bowl plagued by hyperinflation that eventually collapsed the economy in 2009.

Zimbabwe is a Black-majority nation, but its economy was dominated by the Whites, who accounted for only 1% of its demographics. Under his ruling ZANU-PF party, Mugabe champions for Black supremacy, declaring that the Blacks, as ‘masters of their lands’ should control the country’s economic infrastructure. It all began in 2000 when the Mugabe administration started seizing white-owned farms without compensation. After the seizure, the lands was redistributed to Black farmers who have little experience in managing the farms or to operate its technological mechanisms. Commercial farms were broken up and the remaining White farmers reduced by exile or imprisonment, paving way to the rapid decline of Zimbabwe’s agricultural-based economy.

After seizing White farms and gave it to the inexperienced Blacks, Zimbabwe agriculture industries collapsed
After seizing White farms and gave it to the inexperienced Blacks, Zimbabwe agriculture industries collapsed

Before 2000, Zimbabwe had a modern mechanized agricultural industries, contributing to around 50% of the national export earnings. The country was a net exporter of maize. Thanks to Mugabe’s racial policies, half of the economy has been destroyed, pushing the country into a deep recession marked by extremely high unemployment and inflation. As a result, Zimbabwe, once an exporter, now must import thousands of tonnes of maize and wheat. The World Food Programme (WFP) estimates that at least 2.2 million people – or 17% of the population – will need food assistance countrywide this year.

After a decade of gross mismanagement, the economy of Zimbabwe collapsed in 2009. Once commanding a higher exchange rate than the greenback, the Zimbabwean dollar went worthless in that year, when 1 USD could be exchanged for 300 trillion ZWD by February, forcing the government to abandon its currency. GDP per capita fell to US$837 in 2013, making Zimbabwe among the poorest country in the world. By comparison, GDP per capita was US$916 in 1980. The Economist reported that the Zimbabwean economy went from impressive success to the most dramatic peacetime collapse of any country since Weimar Germany in the 1920s.

Ultimate racism - Zimbabwe's Black-only stock exchange
Ultimate racism – Zimbabwe’s Black-only stock exchange

“I have been given a list of 35 white farmers in Mashonaland West alone and in just a few districts that have been audited. We say no to whites owning our land and they should go,” Mugabe proclaimed. “They can own companies and apartments in our towns and cities but not the soil. It is ours and that message should ring loud and clear in Britain and the United States.” The statement is meaningless for the Whites. Mugabe’s Black indigenization policies also called for White-owned companies to surrender 51% of their shares to the Blacks.

After the 2000 seizures, some white farmers managed to keep their farm operations by leasing back the land from the new black owners. That apparently incensed Mugabe. He condemned his own associates who make lucrative profits owning farm land and renting it to whites, characterizing this practice as unpatriotic under his notions of indigenous black African nationalism. “There are white farmers who are still on the land and have the protection of some cabinet ministers and politicians as well as traditional leaders. That should never happen. We want them out.”

“What annoys us even more is where our own indigenous farmers sub-lease to the very same white farmers we took our heritage from yesterday,” Mugabe said. “So, I’m saying to those among us who are guilty [of leasing land], some I’m told are my ministers who are refusing to remove those whites in their constituencies, we say ‘No’. Why do you need them? We must strike fear in the heart of white men. They must tremble. The white man is not indigenous to Africa. Whites are part of an evil alliance.”

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