The Orchid: Chapter 5

House on wheels

I am back at the penthouse. That skanky hoe’s perfume still lingers in the air. I am not mad anymore but I want him to sweat. He is standing by the fridge, I am folding my arms waiting for him to explain.

“We had a thing a few months ago. She refuses to let go” He says. “But my love please believe me. I love you. You are the only woman for me” He is begging me, following me around the penthouse. I am tired I want to sleep but then I think about Dad. He must be awake by now. He comes to me and I am taking steps back. He walks past me and picks up his cellphone.

I gather it has been on silent or vibrate because he picks it up and answers it. It is all work Jibberish and All I can do is fold my arms and pat my foot on the ground. I am beyond irritated. I love this man’s attention and when he is on his phone I get lonely, in the bathroom or taking a shower, I miss him. Thats how close and clingy I have become to him.

I remember I was mad, but his hands on my waist and his light kisses are making my knees wobble and Before I know It I am turning around and letting him make me his before I head home.

Not only is his smile the death of me, but his sex as well.

Dad is awake when I make my way to the kitchen to prepare something for dinner. “You have been gone for quite a while”

He is calm. He knows where I have been and he will not reprimand me, no. Not this time. I know my father.

He joins me in the kitchen, he is limping. Diabettes has hanged his life by a thread. Sometimes I wish Mother would come back just for him. I am far, he never wanted to remarry and he refuses a live in nurse. I had had to beg him to accept a maid, on one condition: she does not live with him.

“How long have you been with him?” he asks. He looks worried.

“almost a month” I answer as I Join him on the table. I know this conversation is heading to serious, it needs undivided attention.

“hmm, I see” I can’t help but wonder what he is thinking. This is my father. Mxolisi Mfiki. The man who would go to Jail for me or my brother. The man who knows what he wants when it comes to his children.

“There is something about him. I cannot put my finger on it but it is strange, yet powerful” I shrug my shoulders when he raises his eyes and looks at me. “How old is he?” he looks at me with a concerned look. “almost 35” his eyes widdened a bit. I know the 8 year gap is quite an issue but come on, its only 8 years not 15 or 20.

He gets up and walks to the human size window where Mkhululi stood the first time he came to me flat. “Do you think you love him?” He asks. I have no idea how to answer that question. I have to reason with this old man.

“Dad, Mkhululi has been amazing and I know its still early but I know.. I know He is the man I want to spend the rest of my life with. I love him daddy.. I love him” My voice is sobbing up and my tears have already done their first trip down my cheeks. I can never not cry when I am having an intense conversation with my father, like this one.. �


“Do you know his family?” He asks. Here I was expecting Daddy to console me but no! He continues drilling me about my Man-Friend. I nod, wipping away my excess tears. “He is the middle of three males. I have met both brothers, and the eldest’s wife and son, briefly”.

“i see. Have you been to where he works? Do you know what he does?” Last time I checked I was not a spy. Now why is dad asking me all these things. If he wants to know, why doesnt he tell me to organise him a date with Mkhululi? I am starting to get irritated.

“He makes and sells guns legally dad, to all participating security and protection services in SA and internationally” I say. I want him to understand. The next question I am expecting so I just answer him without thinking about it and without him even asking it yet.

“Yes he owns one too. But I have never seen it and I do not want to” he nods, he is satisfied. He gets up and walks to his room but pauses before he disapppears. “Don’t bother with supper. That nice lady my son in law sent, brought me a delicious plate. There is leftovers in the oven for you” He smiles and walks away.

I turn to the oven and find steak, onion rings and somes perfectly cooked pap with vegies and gravy on the side. I can’t help but sigh in relief. I don’t have to cook. But My man is very unpredictable.

Everymorning it is the same routine. He is there at exactly 8am with a cup of tea and ready to take me to the shop. This morning though, it is not him. It is Zamani. I am sad, I missed him last night. I let zamani in to carry a painting to the car. “Daddy I will see you later okay, I love you” I kiss him goodbye as he is having his scrammbled eggs, toast and salty tomatoes. He just grummbles in agreenent and I am gone.

I am in the Dodge, I so want to ask him where Mkhululi is, he keeps looking at me through the rearview mirror. Our eyes meet and he quickly looks away. Its getting weird I tell you.

“where is he?” I ask. I miss him.

“He had to attend a chi.. A council meeting” he says, I nod feeling alone as I look out the window. I can feel Zamani stealing glances at me through the mirror but I miss Mkhululi and I do not have the strength to entertain his antics.

He clears his throat.

“Madam Lydia would like to see you, she requested a breakfast meeting across the street from your shop. She is there already waiting” I just nod. I have never really spoken to Lydia, even the day I met her when her husband was in hospital. As soon as we arrive I ask Zamani to take the painting into my shop while I attend to Lydia

She is having a strawberry Daiquiri. It’s still morning for alcohol though but I order one too, just for kontrol!!

“How are you?” She asks, she must be concerned about the day of the money and police incident.

“I am fine” I say. Vivid images crashing my mind as I am looking at her. I take a sip of my Cocktail. This is akward.

“we never really properly introduced. I am Lydia Malinga. Melumzi is my crazy husband” she says the last part like its something normal, I dont know if I should giggle or ask why because her face is not pleasant at all.

We order our meal just telling each other about ourselves and our careers. She works in parliament as researcher. She earns quite a number of digits. I am growing to like her, she has a weird sense of humour and I am quickly grasping it. I know when to laugh and when to just look at her. She says the randomest shit ever!!

My cellphone rings, she excuses herself to give me privacy, taking her phone with her. It’s Him. I am already blushing.

“Where are you?” He does not sound good or loving.

“I am with MJ’s mother. Didn’t Zamani tell you?” I am confused.

“Only thing I know is Zamani taking you to the shop and not breakfast with Lydia” He is rude and angry, I can just hear his voice.

“My Love, it was short notice. I am sorry”

I am shocked at myself for just submitting to Mkhululi Just like that. My old self would have just told him to get over it and also question why he is fussing. “We are having lunch at home. Melumzi is back from hospital” He says… “Oh and Please cover your head, some family members will be there too”

Great!! Next, I will be meeting his parents, then his cousins, then his aunts and before you know it I know the ancestors as well. Its only been a month and introductions are halfway done. We say our goodbyes and I am uneasy about his attitude. Maybe the meeting he went to was not a success. I guess.

I look around the restaurant for Lydia, she is sitting by the bar with a gentleman. They are laughing and chatting like old friends. Maybe they know each other. She keeps patting his arm when she laughs and he is touching her face. Probably complimenting her. This woman is married she is not allowed such stuff. I wave for her and she signals 5.. She wants 5 more minutes? She’s enjoying this attention from this man.

I look across to my shop and Mkhululi’s car is parked right infront of it. He calls.

“I am outside the shop. Its quarter to 10 you are not open yet. Cataleya time is money!”

Did he just say my name is full!?

I am usually, Baby, My lady, my empress, Leya or Nana.. When did I go back to just being Cataleya the simple girl? When!!

I pay the bill and wave goodbye to Lydia who seems preoccupied. She comes over and gets her bag. “Im so sorry dear, thats an old colleague.. Rain check?” I nod and we hug goodbye.


He is pacing up and down infront of my door. He is mad, pretty mad. Enraged!

I stand before him. My head bowed and my hands together holding my bag infront of me. I imagine my feet not in these shoes, I would be playing with my big toes now.

“Open” he demands. Im shuffling through my bag. I cant find them; the damn keys! I am frustrated. I want to cry. He is scaring me. He is too angry. I drop the bag and I follow on my knees. I silently sob in fear.

“baby?!” Oh now you are concerned? “baby I am sorry..give me the keys”

he grabs them and opens. He picks me up and helps me walk to the customer couch. He sits next to me. He looks at me. “I had an argument, a huge disagreement with some important members of the council”�

“I am not a punching bag” I am crying still. I have to tell him. He is so remorseful he can’t even look at me. “my, love.. Forgive me please” he is holding both my hands. “This meeting was very important and I just flipped” he is really under strain. His veins on his face have popped. He is sweating and breathing heavily. He is boiling hot and trembling. Now I am concerned.

I bring him water from the mini fridge and he gulps it down. “Sorry.. My pressure is rising”

excuuuuuuuse me??

“what do you mean?!” I have to ask.

“My Empress, its nothing you should worry about. I just sweat and lose breathing when I am angry or under pressure. But I promise, this will never happen on our wedding day” I smile. It gives me great joy to know he is thinkig that far. We spend the whole afternoon on that couch just chatting. Playing with our hands and taking selfies.

“Zamani will pick you up at 6 okay..” I nod and kiss him goodbye. He doesn’t want to go. I don’t want him to go. I wonder when Daddy is going back home. I miss laying on this man’s chest every night.

I’m home by 5 and Dad is not there. There’s a note.

¤Racecourse with Bulumko.. Spending the night in the hood¤

.. Yeeppeeeeee.. This is Bulumko’s handwritting. I can spend the night with my honeybunch.

I am ready by 17:45, I am in a below knee umbrella like dress. Its caramel colour matches my head cover and medium heels. I am accessorised but not too much.

Zamani knocks at 6pm sharp and we are on our way to the Lodge. There are fleets of cars parked all over the yard. I am overwhelmed. This is not just dinner, its a party. But its quiet when I enter, I am met by Lydia. She is dressed like a xhosa wife. Black doekie, a scarf around her waist and long sleeved top. We head to the kitchen. Its not just her, there are other wives too, but where are the husbands? I notice a girl peeling carrots, she is dressed like me, just covering her head. I can smell the cigar smoke coming from the dinning room.

“Is this her?” One of the wives asks Lydia. She nods, her weirdly unpleasant smile leaves me with a question mark though. The women make remarks and comments about my beauty and how lucky he is to find such a beautiful girl like me. Others saying I am also lucky to find a man like him. I join the quiet girl near the sink and greet her. I introduce myself.

“I know. Zwelonke told me about you” she smiles. She is polite and looks quite down to earth.

“When are they finishing? I am starving” One of the wives asks. She is pregnant. Almost ready for birth. She could pop anytime.

“The meeting in the morning was a mess. Lets hope Gqwebityala is not being pig headed.” another one says.

“He thinks he can do what he likes and our husbands will just go with the flow. It does not happen like that” The pregnant one is seemingly pissed. She is helping herself to the cooked butternut. �

Women and Politics just dont mix. All I hear is decision, Council, members, community and husbands. What I know is that these women are here to support their husbands. And each of them are against this Gqebityala fellow. I am missing Mkhululi. Period!! Lydia has been on her phone the whole time and she does not seem phased with all this politics thats happening here.

Its hot in there, I take a break and walk out to the kitchen garden. I am standing there admiring the view. I turn around, he is smilling from the dining room window, puffing on a cigar. I smile back. I wish I could just run to him and hug him tightly, tell him I miss him. He waves, I wave back and then he’s interrupted by someone calling him. The meeting is still on.

Culo joins me. She is Zwelonke’s Girlfriend. She is so polite. She calls me sisi. “How old are you?” I ask. She sits down next to me on the swinger. “21” she says this with sorrow. “Yes, he is 6years older than me. But I love him. My father hates him and me for being pr…” she pauses, gets up and makes a lame excuse.

She’s pregnant and unhappy!! I gather that much!!


The meeting is over, we carry the food to the dining room. There are fewer men than the wives. I am confused. There is like 14 wives and only 8 men, excluding Mkhululi and Zwelonke whom I know are not married. Melumzi is sitting on a wheelchair like a vegetable. Atleast he’s talking, normally. They are all looking proud and smilling as we enter as if we are in a beauty contest of carrying food. Imagine… Miss Carry Food to Husbands 2012..

Culo walks around with a bowl of lukewarm water and a cloth. Each men dipping theirs hands in and wiping with the cloth. This is a norm. This is expected. We are standing in a line next to each other, me carrying 5 plates and the youngest wife I noticed there carrying another 5.. Meaning I am next to place the plates infront of these men. This feels like a parade. I look at Mkhululi, I frown and shake my head. Culo is still kneeling infront of the third man. I dont want to be paraded. I refuse. I look at him again, he clears his throat. “You know, I have a collection of some great wine and whiskey, how about we leave the wives here fix the table, for 5 minutes” he proposes. I sigh in relief and look at me. He winks. He deserves a reward for this. I have just the perfect one. The men agree and we are left alone setting the table. Culo seems distant. Maybe this whole pregnancy thing is taking its toll on her.�..

“My feet are killing me” – I complain as I take off my shoes as soon as he opens the penthouse door. My feet are relieved. He kneels before me and starts rubbing them so softly, hitting the right spot.

“You made me proud today” He says, smiling from ear to ear. I guess being there and serving rich men with proud wives meant a lot to him. “I can’t wait to see you at home, with everyone” This man has been hinting nonstop about me being his wife. I have a feeling of a proposal soon. “Its so early” I can almost hear Lebo say in her perky voice.

I have not spoken to her in a very long while and I miss her. I grab my phone and call her, at first it rings for a while and then dies. I try again…

“aaaaah.. I’m sorry.. Mandla.. Pleeeeaaaase! Please! Aaaaaaah aaaaaaaaah.. I won’t do it again.. Mandla Nooooooo!!” The phone dies. I am calling out to her. I am scared. The noise of shattering glass and things falling was confirmation enough of a fight or better yet a beating.

I amd shocked and confused_ I am scared.. I don’t know what to do. He is trying to get me to talk and all I can say is “He’s killing her.. He’s killing Lebo”

He grabs my phone and tries to call Lebo but he doesn’t go through. He grabs his phone and calls someone. “Wake the hell up. I need you to trace a number. Its urgent. I will send it now” he hangs up and sents the number. He checks me and rushes to the closet, brings back one of his heavenly smelling Jackets and my pumps. We are already in the car when a text comes in his phone. He starts the car and we are on route to Khayelitsha. He is driving like a mad cow on steroids.



Its dark, her car is parked on the road, the driver’s door is wide open. The lights are flickering non stop, the engine is still on. I lose my mind. “Wait here” he orders me as we enter the gate. I stand there, But I cant.. I am losing my mind already. I know he said I should wait there but I rush in like a tornado is after me.

Nothing, Absolutely nothing prepared me for what I am seeing. Mkhululi is on top of Mandla. Beating him into a pulp. He is not even moving, but Mkhululi won’t stop. I am screaming, my eyes catch Lebo on the bed, she is unconcious. Her face is a mess, her hair is a mess. Her clothes are torn. World War 3 had taken place here. Mkhululi is dragging Mandla’s life less body out. I stand by the door, tears flooding my face as I watch him get in Lebo’s car and drive off with Mandla in the boot.



Things have changed. He hasn’t changed but I have. I have been uneasy around him. I don’t talk much with him. Even letting him touch me has been a struggle. Everytime he does, the first touch.. The first touch has been frightening me. Those hands once beat up a man right before my eyes and until today I have no idea where that man is. But then I remember.. I love this man and I have given my body to him. And it too has been decieving me by giving itself to him. I cannot blame him for panelbeating Mandla, infact I am greatful. I am greatful that he saved my cousin from that monster. But my conscience is killing me. I need to know what happened to Mandla. Lebo has been quiet ever since. I cannot go anywhere without surveillence, he knows my where abouts. Sometimes it creeps me out but he always says his line of work is not predictable. So I cannot look for Lebo, he will know I want to know about Mandla. He knows I have questions but I am afraid to ask.

It has been days and he hasn’t touched me. Maybe he knows that he has been physically, sexually and emotionally draining me. I know he wants me back. He wants his empress back but I am too emotional for him and yet I cannot sleep without him. Dad left the morning after Lebo’s incident, and since then I have been at the hotel. He leaves early in the morning but comes back just in time to take me to work. He’s there 15 minutes early every afternoon to pick me up. The rides to work every morning and everynight to the hotel have been quiet. He is always playing Bebe and Cece winans.

Tonight is no different. “I owe You me” is playing silently and he is quiet. I am quiet. It’s friday, so that means whole weekend I will be with him, its the first weekend after the Mandla incident. “Can we get some takeaways, I don’t want you cooking tonight” His voice is pleading. I nod. He takes a turn to the nearest mall. I don’t want to come out but I have to.. I just want to hold his hand as we are walking around the mall. I miss him.

It’s windy as we walk across the parking lot. He is not saying anything. I know I started the silent treatment business but now I really miss his voice and that cute giggle he has when he blushes.

We make our way to a steak ranch. Suddenly I crave onion rings. He gets us a table.

I thought we were getting takeaways, I am not in the mood for a waitress smiling and gawking at my man and judging me for being with him. Yes I know. I have been the talk of the town ever since he introduced me as the love of his life at some gala dinner we went to. Every famous person he knows, knows about me. Politicians have been sending me invitations to stupid Gala’s and parties.

The waitress comes. She cannot control her excitement. Mkhululi is annoyed, so am I. She takes our orders and walks away. He follows her to the reception and comes back a few minutes later. Now we are waiting for our drinks. The silence is awkward. We are holding hands but we are just not talking. �

“I miss You Gcinakazi” he says. Finally he speaks. I sigh silently and already my eye taps have already opened. “Don’t cry Leya, please. I know I scared you but don’t shut me out my love. I miss you. I need you” my tears have done return trips already. I cannot wipe them away because I do not want to let go of his hands. I am not blinking, because I do not want to miss a thing. I love this man. I want to be with him come hell or high waters. This is just one of his bad sides. I cannot help but ask myself how much of his bad side am I still going to experience. Which side outwheighs the other. My heart calls out to him. His money, his cars, his celebritainment, his luxuries.. They all do not matter, he matters. Even if he woke up tomorrow and everythhing was gone, I would still love his broke ass.

“I love You” I say.

I am such a weakling. Such a baby!!

“I know” he says, with a tiny smile. Our drinks come, with a male waiter. He tells me that he spoke to the manager about that girl.

“i want to know…”

“About Mandla, I know.. He’s alive. I gave him a Hundred K’s, Lebo’s car and told him to disappear. If he came close to her ever again. I will kill him” He is serious. Something tells me he means every single word he just said. My question is: Is he capeable of killing?

“Cataleya, I would Kill and Die for you! That idiot frightened you, he hurt your cousin.. She makes you happy and I would do anything for your happiness. I’d give up my …” he pauses and takes a deep breath. “I want you to know how much you mean to me. I would never hurt you. Never!!” He means it. I can see by his expression, his voice and his eyes. Like I said, I dont wanna blink because I dont wanna miss a thing. I have never been good with words and tonight, I am failing dismally. “I Love You” Is all I can say again. I think it explains how I am feeling right now. I feel safe, Loved and important, very vital. I know this is not good but him saying he would kill for me, makes me feel like precious Gold or Diamonds.

Our food comes, I am now talking a little. Laughing when I am supposed to. He does not stop telling me how beautiful I am. He says the wives love me.

“Who are they?” Finally I can ask. The curiosity has been slicing me up inside.

“Those are members of the council back home. Some of them have more than two wives each, hence you saw an odd number of wives compared to the husbands. Everytime the husbands leave for another province, the trophy wives are there. They are quite different to what you saw last week. Tradition is tradition. Under those head covers are million dollar worth weaves.” I must say, some of them were wearing Carvelas, Rocky diamond rings, the youngest one i noticed there was wearing a bracelet which I know costs about R50 000. I know because Lebo said I should ask for it from Mkhululi. She was trying to turn me into a golddigger.

“And Culo?” I ask, trying to see if he knows about the pregnancy.�

“Zwelonke is having problems with her. Her father is the stubborn type. He has hated Zwelonke ever since he knew about him”

“but why?” I ask, curiosity killing me slowly. I should know these things. If I am lucky, Zwelonke will be my brother inlaw soon. Making Culo my sister in law.

“I don’t know… It’s going to be hard because Lonke loves Culo and he wants to marry her. Its really going to be hard” He says, this issue is working him, I can sense it.

I want to tell him so bad that Culo is pregnant but its not my place. I do not want to be the one that spills the beans.

“Lets hope your father will not make things hard for me” He smiles, I die. It has been almost two months but everytime he smiles, I literally lose a life. I must be a cat, I swear!


I am no longer afraid of him touching me. I guess us talking released the tension we had and my fear of him. I still have that reserved fear of respect and submission though. If we were in the old centuries I’m sure I would be the wife that calls her husband ‘Tata’.

Tonight I am sleeping in his arms. We have no plans for tomorrow but knowing him, he probably is planing to take me somehwere for lunch or dinner or shopping. Not that I am complaining but that lifestyle is tiring. Shopping every week? I don’t know how Khanyi Mbau does it really.


It’s morning already and I could use a few more hours of sleep. We slept very late last night. We spoke, a lot. We just couldn’t stop talking. I enjoyed him talking about his childhood. He grew up in the mountains. He was a herdboy but before that he was a school boy. I can tell by the way he is attentive that he love school, a lot. Hence his success. His childhood was not hard but not easy either. It’s actually the first time he has opened up about his childhood. “When the time is right, you will know everything” He said last night when I asked about his parents. So I left it there.

“Lydia has invited us for Lunch, she says Melumzi is walking” He says getting ready for Gym. No!! I am going with. I can’t have those sorry housewives staring at his glowing caramel.. Hmmmm oooh, sexy… He’s kissing me, touching me..

Shit! My mouth is not clean!! He doesn’t stop though. Clearly he didn’t get enough last night. His baby maker is already awake and rock hard, ready for action. Who am I to deprive him? If I do, I would be depreving myself. I am addicted to him.

The door interrupts jjust as I am getting in the mood. My nighties are already on the floor, I am totally naked. He kisses my forehead as he covered my body. I giggle like a school girl as he walks out to open, in frustration.


Oh God. Here comes the flood. This woman will always be a factor in Mkhululi’s life. If I were to give him the liscence to kill, just once. This woman’s Name, surname, address, date of birth and Date of death would be in my handwritting I swear. We have not slept a wink because of her constant calling. I have become the reason Mkhululi is not visiting his child. I am the reason she is no longer getting her monthly luxuries. I am suddenly the new Trophy. A few weeks she sent me a text saying: “I wonder how long your Trophy Paint is gonna last. We rust after bearing babies for them” It left me with questions, I never showed it to Mkhululi.

“I have been calling you Mkhululi” I can hear her ranting from the lounge. I grab my red robe and walk barefoot to them. “Oh, she’s here. Now I know” I am feeling so undermined right now I am starting to boil.

“Last time I checked you had an interdict against me. On top of only having 10 hours a month to see my daughter.. Portia do not Test me!!” He is pissed.

“You wanted to kill me” she yells.

“You are the one who attacked me with broken glass. I still have the scar to prove it” He turns around and shows her. She looks down like she is thinking of something to say as a comeback.

“You started this..” she’s is yelling. I yawn, unintentionally. She stares at me.

Girl!! Those marbles you call eyes would be on the floor if it weren’t for the fact that I respect this man. Its morning, so please! Don’t test my patience.

I can see she wants to scratch my eyes out too but we are both maintaining some restriction.

“Listen, i am not in the mood for you today.” He is trying so hard! So hard to be polite and I can feel by his sweaty hands that he is struggling. “Please leave” He says. Her eyes widden.

“If you must know, Zana has been asking about you” She says, folding her arms. Finally she is starting to calm down, but the ratchetness is still in her.

Please try me!! Just this once, I will show you flames!!

“She wouldn’t if you would allow her some time with her father. But No! The only thing you know is maxing out my damn credit card” he’s angry.

“Thats the only thing you care about, Money. Don’t act like you have a problem spending your money on me…”

“Thats because you blackmail me into doing so. You threaten to take the few hours I have with my princess away. What kind of a mother are you? Huh?” He is hurt. The last part literally tears me apart. He loves his daughter and would do anything to keep her, even buying that stupid Lamborghini this Golddigger wants. As long as he can keep the little ten hours a month, the judge set.. He would buy Baby Mama from Hell the whole fucken world if he could.

They are arguing, back and forth, blaming each other left, right and center. I know its how they operate but it’s dangerous. One day, they will kill each other. I leave them and go the bedroom. I am feeling a little heavy and light headed at the same time. They are still at it. Glass shatters.

Not again!!

This time she threw a mini vase at his face.

“Oh my God! Are you nuts?” I scream at her as he is sitting on the coffee table trying to stop the bleeding with his hands.

“These are just starters. Does she know? Huh? Does she know Mkhululi that you are a beast? Have you told her!! You are an animal!!…Malinga a hardcore son of the devil”

she is yelling, screaming, making noise. And I am fed up already. I am holding a towel against his forehead, listening to this thing before me, insulting my man with every thing under the sun. She looks at me and shakes her head. “I pity you… I walked out before I got in deep. If I were you, I would too… ” she says, folding her arms, looking down on us.

“You should tell her, save her from wasting her time.. She is better off without you. You are a He Goat!! A Bastard..”

Alright, thats it.. I love her daughter to bits but she is working on my last nerve. I have had it up to my head with her. “Let me gooo!!”

I am shorter than her because of her heels but where I got the strength to drag her to the door still puzzles me. I open the door and push her out. “Ooh I pray for the day you find out the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.. I will be there, to say I told you so” I bang the door in her face. She screams. “It’s only a matter of time before the money changes you! Before he throws you out in the streets with nothing. Before he tries to kill you”

She’s gone. He’s in the bathroom. I hear the shower running. I join him.

Portia has an effect on him. Every time she is near him, she manages to press the Mute Button. I repeat, If I could give Malinga the licence to kill this hoe, Her details would be in my handwriting.


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