Aussie TV host amazes world with frank ISIS assessment

Waleed Aly amazingly puts down ISIS in this clip

AN AUSTRALIAN TV host has stunned the world with his frank assessment of ISIS’ threat in the wake of the Paris attacks.

Waleed Aly, a Muslim co-host on The Project, has said politicians and Muslim leaders who have preached “hate” since Friday’s devastation actually help Islamic State, rather than defeat them.

Speaking on his “something we should talk about” segment, Aly not only called for solidarity following the atrocity that killed 132 people but also claimed the organisation is weak, reports.

He said: “There’s a reason ISIL still want to appear so powerful, why they don’t want to acknowledge the land they control has been taken from weak enemies, that they are pinned down by air strikes or that just last weekend they lost a significant part of their territory.

“ISIL don’t want you to know they would quickly be crushed if they ever faced a proper Army on a battlefield.

“They want you to fear them. They want you to get angry. They want all of us to become hostile and here is why:

Waleed described the terror organisation as ‘weak’

“ISIL’s strategy is to split the world into two camps. It is that black and white. Again we know this because they told us.”

Aly claimed the extremists want to create World War III, and aims to do so by creating an “us and them” mentality through other countries vilifying Muslims.

He said if they are able to do this in the West, the Muslims of England, France, Australia and America will have nowhere to turn but the evil organisation.

He said: “That was exactly their strategy in Iraq, and now they want it to go global. Saying that out loud, it is both dumbfounding in its stupidity and bloodcurdling in its barbarity.

132 people were killed in the Paris attacks on Friday

“We are all feeling a million raging emotions right now. I am angry at these terrorists. I am sickened by the violence and I am crushed for the families that have been left behind, but you know what, I will not be manipulated.

“We all need to come together. I know how that sounds. I know it is a cliche, but it is also true because it is exactly what ISIL doesn’t want.

“So if you are a member of Parliament or a has-been member of Parliament preaching hate at a time when what we actually need is more love – you are helping ISIL. They have told us that.

Scenes outside the Bataclan music hall on Friday

“If you are a Muslim leader telling your community they have no place here or basically them saying the same thing – you are helping ISIL. They have told us that.

“If you are just someone with a Facebook or Twitter account firing off misguided messages of hate, you are helping ISIL – They have told us that.

“I am pretty sure that right now none of us want to help these bastards.”

Many people have since applauded the TV personality for his speech, which came after his wife, Susan Carland, spoke out about misconceptions about Muslims.

She said: “ISIS are no friend to Muslim, by any stretch of the imagination, and so it’s really important we never fall into the trap of thinking this is about Muslims against other people or anything like this.”

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Source: The Sun

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