Mozambican Prostitutes Return Home, Say ‘Zimbabweans Are Broke’

Zimbabwe's Economy Is So Bad That Mozambican Hookers Return Home, Say ‘Zimbabweans Are Broke’

Sex workers who had camped in the eastern border city after the introduction of the multi-currency regime in 2009 have now moved across the border to Mozambique as business dwindles due to Zimbabwe’s economic meltdown.

Again, with locals limited to vending in a jobless economy, many women have turned to prostitution in order to survive, increasing competition for the commercial sex expatriates from across the border.

Hookers, most from Mozambique, had settled in Mutare since 2009, attracted by US dollar which replaced the worthless local currency as well as a business boom inspired by the Marange diamond bonanza.

But the diamonds are gone, ditto the marginal economic revival under the coalition government.

With local companies shutting down and thousands of workers thrown onto the streets, sex workers say while clients are willing, they just can’t don’t have penny to spare.

A visit by the press to Mozambique last week established that most sex workers who had camped at lodges in Mutare have now shifted across the border to Chimoio and Manica.

The sex workers said business was better in Chimoio and Manica than in Mutare.

“Night life in Mutare is now dead. There is no money. Most people are not working so there is no business.

“Our client base in Mutare is dwindling everyday so we have decided to come to Mozambique where industry is thriving,” said Paula Augustino aged 29 who has been living in Mutare since 2009.

Another sex worker, Samira Neto, 32, said it was now difficult to raise $20 in Mutare a night.

“Zimbabweans are broke to tell the truth. They are now focusing on feeding their families. They don’t have extra for entertainment.

“They will prefer to pay $5 or less a night. The money is too paltry to pay fees and buy food for my kids,” said Neto.

Neto added that she retreated to Mozambique in March this year after discovering that the cost of living in Mutare as much higher as compared to her native country.

She said used to pay $200 to stay at a lodge for a month in Mutare but now forked out about $50 for the same room in Mozambique.

“Here in Mozambique I can raise $40 a night from truck drivers but in Mutare you have to work extra hard to raise $10.

“The competition is now tough as everyone is coming to join the profession. The situation is bad across the border,” Neto said.

She said Chimoio night spots “are kicking throughout the night” compared to Mutare where clubs are disserted before midnight.

A truck driver said prostitutes in Mozambique were more expensive than in Mutare.

“Sex workers here charge $10 and above but in Zimbabwe the economy is dead and the ladies are desperate to eke a living so they take anything you put on the table,” said Terrence Radebe, a South African truck driver.

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Source: New Zim

2 Responses to Mozambican Prostitutes Return Home, Say ‘Zimbabweans Are Broke’

  1. Dricky August 10, 2015 at 12:45 pm

    This hurts….we are even being abandoned by hookers?? The situation back home should really be awful.We need the hard working ladies for a lot of physically related purposes as well as psychological purposes and you know…..!!

  2. Sanyu Aida February 16, 2019 at 6:33 pm

    2019 and there is no chance of hookers returning to Zim. The situation is getting worse. It can only get better through a government of national unity to run Zimbabwe for 20 years.


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