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Letter From America

THE High School in the Palatine District 211 in Chicago has got itself into some trouble. A very active, popular sportsboy, age 13 decided early this year he did not want to be a boy anymore. Well, it seemed that the matter would have ended there because school superintendent Daniel Cates took immediate action to provide for the boy.

But that is where the trouble began. “We have to consider the fact that we have 12 000 students here,” he said. “Any arrangement we make should not infringe on the rights of others.” The boy no longer wanted to use boys’ toilet rooms or the locker rooms as they are called here. Locker rooms have storage facilities for changing clothes and showering after sports. The space between the lockers and the showers is open as are the showers themselves, for reasons of security.

The school provided a separate shower with a curtain for privacy. The boy lawyered up (finding a defence attorney). “That is blatant discrimination, and deprives my client of fair and equal treatment,” shouted the lawyer.

Even though the boy claimed that he was a girl, when showering, the girls noticed that he had a tail. But that is to miss the argument. He is what he wants to be, not what the girls saw. The LGBT (lesbians, gays, bi-sexual and trans-gender) association took up the matter.

The complication came further when the United States department of education federalised the issue as a civil rights issue, which is President Barack Obama’s agenda for the world. The school was ordered to allow the boy “unfettered access to the girls’ shower rooms,” or else, they will face severe sanctions.

Sarah Kaplan, 13, surprised the Haven Middle School principal when she asked for a special audience. We do not know if the principal was shocked or not. When Sarah said that she wanted to be a boy, the principal seems to have embraced the idea, so Sarah says.

The principal called her parents organised a teach-in for all the teachers in the school and special training for Sarah’s home room teachers. She called in a psychologist and got some help from the LBGT society. Nevertheless, Sarah, who now calls herself Avery Kaplan, was still a girl. But again, that is to miss the point. Because the whole school system folded up to Sarah’s demands, the matter seems to have been handled more smoothly than in Chicago.

Obama’s agenda

All these scenarios in schools are being driven by President Obama’s agenda. Obama sees the gender/sex war as the last frontier in the civil rights struggle. At this point you will say: “Ken, what is this war on women about?”

The idea is to destroy all gender differences from the face of the earth…

Gender behaviour is described as that behaviour which “conveniently fits with and reinforces women’s subordinate social roles, passive, ignorant, docile, and helpmates for men.”

The agenda is to abolish dominant/subordinate roles in society as a whole. The Stanford University dictionary concludes that these “gender differences should, and can be changed.” In this war, no prisoners will be taken, no quarter will be given and no slackers will be forgiven, as long as “women are seen as objects for satisfying men’s desires.”

Harvard University president, Larry Summers, former US treasurer, told Harvard Faculty Conclave that men are better at mathematics than women. He was booed, and a vote of no confidence was passed from which he never recovered. He has since moved on.

The aim is to abolish all gender differences, including dress, jobs ear marked for women, political office and father-mother roles.

Sexual orientation

Sex is defined as part of male dominance-female submission.

This is not found in nature but is a social construct. Once the male-female dominance and submission is abolished then humans will be free to express their true sexual orientation in a variety of ways, some straight, some gay and lesbian.

Sexless society

The practice of non-gender dormitories has been the norm in colleges for the last 30 years. Christian colleges are now “restoring same sex dormitories” because female students have complained bitterly that boys are “gross and dirty.” One habit girls find gross is that of boys walking in the corridors without properly ticking their tails in pockets designed for that purpose. Boys do not respect toilet covers placed firmly down. Male barbarism is simply intolerable. They also seem to want to jump into beds with female room-mates without prior consultation.

The main issue is that marriage between man and woman is the quintessential example of gender oppression. “Wife, will you obey your husband?” is a red flag before a feminist bull. Same sex marriages are now part of the marriage mix.

All these theories have already been implemented in the Nordic countries and in most European countries. The result has been the feminisation of boys, and their consequent fear of women. Also since free sex is more pleasurable and offers varieties, marriage becomes a form of imprisonment. Though there are other reasons, the decline of population has been severe.

Madness has no boundaries. The vice president is leading a task force to combat rape in college dorms. It never occurred to him that mixed gender dorms breed disrespect for women. But that is missing the point. There are no gender differences in their minds. Stupid!

By Ken Mufuka

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Source: Financial Gazette

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