Abuse at NRZ: Sits on $150m real estate: Asset register in shambles

THE rundown National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) is sitting on countrywide real estate estimated to be worth more than $150 million, with the potential to raise at least $5 million in rentals monthly.

According to information The Chronicle has pieced together in an in-depth investigation, the countrywide properties include guest houses in the country’s low density suburbs, thousands of hectares of forest land, vast tracts of idle land, church and residential stands as well as plots, farms to rear livestock and grow crops. (See the list of properties below)

The company also owns thousands of hectares of developed commercial stands, undeveloped commercial bays and land with supermarkets and safari farms.

But sources within the parastatal allege the asset register is in shambles, with claims money raked in from the properties cannot be accounted for.  Some of the properties are said to be idle.

The ailing parastatal has engaged Cabinet for Government approval to canvass for investors to raise about $400 million to finance short to medium term recovery.

In the long run, it needs about $10 billion in 10 years to be fully recapitalised and transformed — permanent secretary in the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development, Mr Munesu Munodawafa told participants at a regional railway forum in 2012.

In 2014, then acting, now substantive general manager Engineer Lewis Mukwada told the parliamentary portfolio committee on transport that NRZ was operating at a loss of $4 million every month.

The parastatal has been acquiring land and property for more than 100 years, since its establishment in 1897 as the Rhodesia Railways.

Its pension fund has been used to build many more properties.

Sources at the national bulk carrier that cannot be named for professional reasons, said the problems at NRZ are man-made.

“A few selfish people are bleeding the company and by extension the country and Southern Africa dry,” said a source.

“The Government has to seriously look into affairs at the company because all hopes of economic revival hinge on a cheap mode of bulk transport to bring down costs of manufacturing so that local products can compete with imports. In a landlocked country, rail is the cheapest way to move raw materials and goods.”

To emphasise the parastatal’s importance to Southern Africa, the NRZ website reads “The NRZ operates a rail network stretching 2 760 route kilometres of 1 067mm gauge track. It sits at the centre of the southern African region and interfaces with contiguous railways on export/import route entries at Mutare/Machipanda for Beira, Sango/Chicualacuala for Maputo, Beitbridge for South Africa, Plumtree for Botswana and Victoria Falls for Zambia. The NRZ’s central position in the southern African Region makes it the ‘hub and gateway’ of the region.”

The rail system has collapsed due to decades of neglect.

The Railway Association of Enginemen (RAE), a union that represents the parastatal’s train drivers, has on several occasions warned that the country rail network has become a death trap.

RAE said derailments have become the order of the day due to the unsafe network.

Memorable derailments include a Harare-bound passenger train that left 22 people injured at Heany Junction about 30km east of Bulawayo on August 23, 2014, a Bulawayo-Victoria Falls train that derailed less than eight kilometres after leaving the main station in Bulawayo on October 19, 2014.

On February 24, 2016, a goods train carrying drought relief grain from Zambia derailed near Thompson Junction just before Hwange.

Speaking in 2014, RAE vice president Mr Juniel Manyere said the dilapidated rail infrastructure was stalling the country’s economic revival.

He said some sections were so bad, especially on the Bulawayo-Victoria Falls route, that the speed limit is less than 40km/hour.

“This delay in movement of goods and passengers has seen people running away from doing business with us. The Government should urgently intervene and rehabilitate the dilapidated infrastructure,” said Mr Manyere.

The NRZ requires $50 million to lay a new railway line connecting Bulawayo and Victoria Falls.

The money, workers believe, can be raised by selling some of the parastatal’s properties or collecting rent from them.

Officials at NRZ said the properties alone, if managed properly could turn around the fortunes of the company and revive the country’s economy.

“Most of these properties have been in the possession of the NRZ before Independence. Before the 1990s when the company was still profitable, some unscrupulous individuals slowly removed some of them (properties) from the system,” said a source.

The sources said the glory days when NRZ was one of the biggest employers with one of the best salary rates in the country could return if the properties are properly utilised. At its peak in the 1990s, NRZ employed about        20 000 people. It now has just about 4 000.

The NRZ is saddled with about $144 million legacy debt with the workers owed $80 million.

NRZ is one of the strategic companies in Zimbabwe’s economy and its demise over the years has been blamed for crippling viability of several downstream industries.

Workers representatives told The Chronicle they knew the company had property that could reverse its spectacular decline, but they could not find a record of the assets.

The Zimbabwe Amalgamated Railway Workers Union (Zarwu) president Mr Kamurai Moyo said workers last year requested the setting up of a taskforce to investigate areas where the NRZ was losing revenue.

“Real estate was one of them. We suspect it could be the biggest loophole. Unfortunately, those who may have information about what the railways actually owns, are not forthcoming,” said Mr Moyo.

Zarwu is suing NRZ for $493 253 that the parastatal was allegedly deducting from members’ salaries but not remitting to the union.

Annually, the parastatal used to move about 18 million tonnes of freight.  This has been reduced to only about 2,8 million tonnes, an 85 percent downscaling of operations.

Last year, Eng Mukwada said the company had cut salaries for workers by 50 to 60 percent.

He said it was a survival strategy caused by viability challenges in the face of declining business volumes.

Workers in Grade A1 to B5 have been paid what they call “the circumcised salaries” only up to November 2015.

The lowest paid (A1) had a salary of about $172 per month before the cuts, while the highest paid (B5) was getting about $485.

Grades C1 to C5 have only been paid up to October 2015.

The lowest paid (C1) used to get about $562 while the highest (C5) got about $1 000.

The salary scale for the D grades which comprise senior managers is a closely guarded secret.

It could not be established if their salaries were also in arrears.

Workers who spoke to The Chronicle on condition of anonymity believe they are not getting paid because of corruption at the parastatal.

In recent years, the NRZ has been selling scrap metal to make ends meet. However, corruption has allegedly infiltrated the operation.

Last year, the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) seized three trucks carrying 18 tonnes of wagon wheels allegedly corruptly acquired from NRZ.  The wheels were being smuggled into South Africa through Beitbridge Border Post.  They were destined for Treppo, a South African company.

The parastatal, stood to lose thousands of dollars had the load been successfully smuggled.

“It is suspected some of the company’s assets are being dismantled and carted out of the country at giveaway prices, disguised as scrap metal,” said an official at the time.

Mr Martin Banda, who was NRZ acting spokesperson at the time, blamed Treppo for the extra load.

Recently, some officials claimed every worker has found a way to loot from NRZ.

“Everyone is looting from the company to survive. We are not getting salaries. People are stealing anything they can lay their hands on to survive,” said a senior official who asked not to be named.

“However, the biggest looters are those benefiting from NRZ real estate. These are the people who have destroyed companies like Zisco, Hwange Colliery Company and everyone that relied on cheap rail transport to manufacture and move goods at cost effective rates.”

An official said the abuse of real estate was rampant.

“On December 31, 2013, rent arrears of nearly $10 million were just expunged from the system. There are no updated records of the rent register. It is suspected most of the sitting clients pay rent direct to individuals. As it stands, the value of rent owed is unknown,” said the official.

“The Government does not know the value of property and land owned by NRZ, excluding locomotives and wagons. NRZ should not be asking for donations. At the moment it is difficult to tell who is reaping millions from this mess because the records are in disarray.”

NRZ spokesperson Mr Nyasha Maravanyika disputed the estimated value of real estate owned by the parastatal.

“Only a property evaluator can give a comprehensive answer,” he said.

Asked if the parastatal has ever had the land valued, he said the issue was still under consideration, pending Government approval.

“The land has to be subdivided before it can be valued. Government has to approve first and there has to be a tender process,” said Mr Maravanyika.

Information obtained by The Chronicle and the properties list, seems to suggest subdivision has already been done.

Mr Maravanyika said it was unlikely that the asset register was in shambles because NRZ has a real estate department that collects rent every month and is subjected to regular audits. He said he doubted the company wiped out tenants’ debts in 2013, saying the company needed all the money it could make to overcome challenges.

In November last year, the Government completed a forensic audit at NRZ to investigate revenue collection, real estate and properties and human resources and staffing.

Although the findings have not been made public, the Business Chronicle reported on November 25 last year that a number of managers at the railway firm tendered their resignations in panic, after the audit.

Engineer Mukwada is on record saying heads will roll if the audit reveals wrong doing by management and other staff.


RT  345
Railway Strip Lot Number 1 through the Gwelo Commonage.
Extent:  2.34 hectares

RT   1963
Portion of Lot 3A West Gwelo Block
Extent:  14.23 hectares

Portion of Reserve land stretching from Rail track to Security Block.
Extent:  7.84 hectares.

Vacant land.

Vacant land.

Vacant land

Northern portion of Guinea Fowl Siding Reserve of Divide.
Extent:  4.55 ha.    Area used for chrome storage and loading by Zimasco and other small chrome miners.
RT   270
Surprise Siding Railway Reserve of House.  North East side of siding.
Extent: 2.03 ha.

RT  270
Surprise Siding Railway Reserve of Home.
North West side of siding.
Extent:   2.03 ha.

Vacant land.

Vacant land.

RT   1239
Portion of Railway Reserve at Selukwe East of Station.

Railway strip outside Shurugwi Town.

Railway Reserve on the west of Station Building and bounded by the hills on the western area.
Extent     Vacant land.

Wildex (Private) Limited, a brick making company encroached on to Railway strip.
Total encroached area = 9000m² (0.9) hectares (36m x 250m).

Vacant land


Portion of Lot 3 of Waverly on the West of Station.
Extent:   1.66 ha

Portion of Railway Reserve land stretching from Post Office to North west boundary of Reserve.
Extent:  2.34 hectares.

Vacant land.

Vacant land suitable for development of industrial stands.

Portion of Railway Reserve – land on the Northern side of Station Stretching from Married Quarters (houses)
Extent:  0.92ha

Portion of Railway Reserve between supervisory grades houses commercial area

Vacant piece of land.

Vacant land threat of encroachment by Rural Council Commercial area

Land extending from corner Bulawayo – Gweru Imbizo Barracks turn off to the boundary with Pig Industry Board.
Approximate extent:  2.2 hectares.

Vacant land.


Land between Westgate Vocational Training Centre and the NRZ Westgate Security Camp.
Extent:  6.9 ha.

Piece of land abutting Birkenhead road and stretching from Sizinda Clinic to the road over rail bridge point.
Extent: 2.10ha

Piece of land abutting Birkenhead road on the Southern side and stretching from CMW turn off road to Sizinda Township end.

Land stretching from PWM Depot up to Masiyepambili road flyover bridge.
Extent:  89.06 ha.

Vacant land.

Vacant land.

Vacant land.

Vacant land.

Portion of Railway strip of Subdivision ‘A’ of Bellevue now disused .Stand 555.
RT   1283.
Extent:  2.78ha

Portion of Lot 17 of Sub-divisional ‘A’ of Bellevue.
RT   502
Ext.  0.28ha

Lots 549,  551 and 548
Extent:  0.66ha

Residential Stand.
Stand Number 10827 Hopton Road
Extent:  0. 12ha

Vacant disused former railway strip

Vacant land.

Vacant land.

Vacant land.
Land in Railway Reserve stretching from old Khami road to Luveve road and between Mpopoma Marshalling yard and adjacent road on the west of Mpopoma station.
Extent:  60.6 ha.

Vacant land.

Piece of land (at Northalt) abutting Athlone Avenue stretching from road over rail bridge point.
Extent:  3.5 ha.
Vacant land.
Residential Stands.
Extent:  3597m²

4 x vacant stands.

(Siding crossing loop uplifted). Siding Reserve exclusive of railway strip.
RT 1303
Extent:   14.4 ha.

Portion of Reserve leased for animal  husbandry and
Market gardening.
(Water Right Reserve).
Land between Siding Reserve and Khami river.     RT 1245
Extent (4.8 hectares).

Portion of  RT 439
Siding Reserve excluding rail strip portion
Extent : 6.80ha

Extent RT  440
1.23 Hectares.

Portion of Sub-division A2 of Richardson’s  Farm (former Railway strip)
RT  190
Extent:  3.53 ha.

Vacant Land.

Private round huts under corrugated Iron build in Railway Reserve.

Vacant land.

Cultivated land- an encroachment of abutting plot.
Vacant former portion of Railway strip covered in bushes.
Morgans Siding
Reserve ‘A’.
RT 435
Extent:  3.66ha

Morgans Siding
Reserve ‘B’.
RT  436
Extent:  3.66 ha.

Redleaf Water Right Reserve.
SRT 1259
Extent (2.15 hectares)

Leased portion of land.

Vacant land.

Disused Water Right Reserve with overhead Water Tank
Nyamandlovu Station Reserve
Portion South West of Station.
RT  564
Extent: 0.25ha

Portion of land East of Station.
Extent:  3.30ha

Portion of land North East of Station

Vacant land used for Illegal seasonal farming by locals.

Land leased for market gardening.

Encroachment by commercial developer.

RT 1224

Disused Railway Siding Reserve
Portions of RT 216 excluding railway strip.
Extent: 13.00ha

Disused Eastern Side Railway Siding.
Disused Western side Railway Siding Reserve.
RT  1184
Extent:  11.00ha

RT  1185
Extent:   0.5 ha.

Portions of
RT  508
(North  east of Station)
Extent: 1.50ha

Saw Mills Water Right Reserve.

Area adjacent to Triangle Site – South East of station. Land under seasonal farming.

Station Reserve.
RT 335
Extent : 11.00ha
Siding reserve land portion earmarked for safari operation
Gwaai siding Reserve extension
RT 391portion of land south of rail track.
Extent:  1.12 ha.

Vacant land.
Portion of Dete station reserve
RT 349.
North of station and West of water plant.
Extent:  3.0 ha.

Dete Township 4 of Railway Farm 42: Portions – 63, 64, 65 and 66.
Extent total7.7 hectares.

Dete Annexe

Residential stands.
Extent:  2.73 ha.

Portion of Dete Station Reserve
RT 349 and Portion of Dete Triangle site
RT 523.

Land leased to Catholic Sisters Dete for Market gardening.

Vacant land.

Vacant land.

22 vacant stands

Vacant land.

Mambanje Quarry
RT 241.
Extent:  113.32 ha.

Forested land.
Portion of Lukosi siding reserve
RT 330.
Extent: 8.00ha

Lukosi railway reserve number 3
RT 586
Extent : 0.7 ha

Railway reserve at
Lukosi river
Extent : 4.9 ha

Railway Reserve number 2 at Lukosi river
RT 238.

Reserve land used by Makomo Resources for storage and loading of coal.

Vacant land.

Vacant land straddled by Lukosi River.

Vacant land (former “E” staff compound which was demolished).
Railway strip 238 Mbarira
Triangular land in between rail line to Old Wankie and to Dete and Old Victoria Falls road.
Extent: 2.00 ha.

Portion of stand 260 Wankie Township in railway reserve land.
Extent: 22.48ha

Vacant land.

Two separate vacant pieces of land north east and North West of existing Mbarira Railway married quarters.

Area around Ngumija clinic
Portion of Lot B of Wankie farm
RT 510.
Extent: 0.52ha

Land north of St Mary’s Mission bounded by Danhauser Road.
Portion of Lot G of Wankie farm
RT 510.

Area extreme south of clinic sharing border with proposed commercial stands Portion of Lot G of Wankie farm
RT 510.

Open spaces (infill’s)
Part of Lot G and J of Wankie farm
RT 510 and 1048 respectively.
Extent: 0.64ha
Vacant piece of land.

Vacant land.

Vacant land.

8 vacant stands.
Hwange Raylton area:   Residential Stands:-

Residential infills.
Extent : 4.06ha

Six vacant pieces of land along:-

Ponty Pool Street.
Lothian Street.
Motherwell Street.
New Castle Crescent.
Middelburg Road.
Dannhauser Road.
Portion of Lot 8A Wankie’s Farm
RT 1223.
Old Steam Shed Coaling area.
Extent: 1.10ha

Unoccupied Workshop
Yard being used as Coal loading area.
Matetsi Station Reserve of Breakfast
RT 1003
Portion of land to the Northern side of Siding.
Extent: 31.28ha

Portion of land South of Siding.

Railway strip 429. Matetsi
RT 2068

Matetsi water supply number 2, portion of reserve land
RT 1124.
Extent: 2.49ha

Matetsi water supply number 3, portion of reserve land.
RT 1874.

Vacant land.

Vacant land.

Vacant piece of land between Matetsi River and Railway strip.

Vacant land.

Vacant land.
Railway Reserve land West of
RT 356
Extent: 13.8 hectares.

Portion of Railway Reserve land on the East.
Extent:  16 ha.
Vacant Railway Reserve land.

Encroachment of 1.72 hectares onto Railway Reserve land on the south of the rail track. Area under seasonal cultivation.
Vacant Reserve land.

Jafuta Siding Railway Reserve
RT 381

Vacant land.

Railway Reserve at Victoria Falls
RT 1248
Extent: 1.93 Hectares.
Area stretching from Livingstone way to the Railway Station and between Avis Garage and Railway track.

Portion of Railway Reserve Victoria Falls “A”
RT 1367
East of Victoria Falls Hotel
Extent: 1.02 hectares.

Portion of stand 303 Victoria Falls town ship.
RT 1974
Land between loco turning triangle and new houses EL 12-13 stretching from Lawley road to platelayer’s yard.
Extent: 0.8 hectares.

Railway Reserve at Victoria Falls
RT 1248
Extent :  0.65 hectares
Portion of land along Lawley Road, between Guest House and houses EL 11, EL13, EL 14.

Vacant open piece of land currently maintained by Victoria Falls Hotel as a recreational park.

Vacant land.

Vacant land.

Vacant land

RT   1284
Khami Railway Strip portion of land South East of Station.
Extent:  20.22 ha.

Explosive Siding.
Extent:  6.54 ha.

Land on the Northern portion/ side of Station Reserve
Extent : 20.95ha

Vacant land.

Siding not in use

Vacant land.

Land being North portion of Siding
RT 1281 Fig.  1
Extent: :6.9 ha

Abutting current Railway Strip-Located on N.W. side.
RT  1280²
(3.24 hectares)
Disused Mabogutwanene Railway Strip Westacre (Disused former Railway Strip).

Vacant. land

Vacant land.
Consider for market gardening.

Figtree Station
RT 1295 Portion of Railway Strip
Extent: 1.20ha

Lot 1 of Subdivision ‘A’ of Wilfreds Hope.
RT  464
Extent: 0.59ha.

Piece of land under lease for market gardening

Vacant land.

Portion of Southern portion of Siding Reserve excluding Rail strip .railway strip .Portion of    RT 1273
Extent: 36.37ha   (excluding 91.4metre strip).    .

Vacant land.

Portion of
RT 1265.
Extent: 1 ha

Portion of
RT 1264.
Extent:  0.11ha

Vacant prime land.

Part of land leased to Council for long distance rank for Taxis.

Portion of Lot 3A Laings Syndicate Block (Land North of Station)
RT 1671.
Extent.  19 Hectares.

Portion of Lot 4 of Laings Syndicate Block.
Land on the North Eastern Side of Station –Compound area.
RT 1401.
Extent: 18ha

Portion of Lot 3A Laings Syndicate Block- West of Loco turning triangle.
RT   1671.
Extent 7 Hectares

Vacant land.

Vacant land excluding part occupied by residential houses.

Vacant land.

RT   1670
Portion of Railway Station Reserve at Shabani – Area around Loco turning triangle.
(Extent 5.18 hectares)

Portion of Railway Station Reserve at Shabani – Former compound Area with all but 4 houses demolished.
(Extent 2.35 hectares).

Land on Station Building side.
Extent : 0.55ha

Land South East of Station yard, boundaring Shabane Mine Dumps.

RT  2059
Portion of Lot 2 of Mariotti Estate
Extent: 11.27ha

RT  2048
Portion of Station Reserve on Northern west of Station buildings close to Supervisory area residential area.
Extent: 7.4ha

Vacant land.

Vacant land.

Vacant portion of land for possible residential stands.

Land under cultivation.

Vacant land.
Former E Category roundavels and land abutting CMW yard.

Vacant pockets of land.

Portion of Station Reserve South East.
Extent: 1.2 ha.

Land North West of Station Area.
Extent:  1.6ha

Land on the Northern side of Station

RT   1829
Portion of Lot 1 of Nuanetsi Ranche  ‘B

Sugar Cane loadings ongoing.

Former Roundavels Compound Area

Partially accommodating Supervisory
Grade accommodation.

Vacant land incorporating Railway balloon
RT   196
Portion of Lot 6 of Lot 3 of Triangle Ranch Being land between “E’ Staff Houses and married Quarters.
Extent: 9.81ha

Land between Station yard and Triangle – Chiredzi main road.   Land South of married quarters.
Extent: 1.8 ha.

Portion of Lot 6 of Lot 3 of Triangle Ranch.  Being land West of Rail line and between canal and Station yard.
Extent: 4.34ha

Vacant land.

Vacant land.

Vacant land.
Portion of Railway Reserve South West of Lundi Siding.

Extent:  21.1 ha

Land leased out (under sugar plantation).
RT   891
Portion of Railway Reserve Lot 1 of Hippo Valley North B – Being land North West of Station stretching from boundary with RMS to Buffalo Road Bag RR7
Extent:   6.6 hectares

Portion of Reserve West of Station behind married quarters and single quarters.
Extent:   7.37 ha.

Residential Stands
Extent:   0.57ha

Vacant land.

Vacant land.

Three (3) vacant stands: – 493,498 & 499.
Portion of Railway Reserve land on the West of the Siding.
Extent:   0.2 ha.

Portion of Railway  Reserve land on the north side of siding
Extent: 1.2ha

There is encroachment into Railway Reserve land of 10 metres by Marirangwe National Parks.

Vacant land.

Former RMS and goods shed yard.
Extent: 0.89ha

Yard abutting former RMS and goods shed area
Extent: 1.70ha

Land located on the right side of the loco turning triangle.
Extent: 3.90ha

Land located on the left side of loco turning triangle.
Extent: 4.00ha

Land on the East of the main water tank boundaring former Sasfuel depot.

Portion of land stretching from quarters to the main entrance gate to carriage and wagon shop. Former cattle docks area ex Sasfuel.
Extent: 0.65ha

Former cattle Docks area

Yard is vacant.

Yard is vacant.

Vacant land.

Vacant land.

.Vacant land.

Vacant land.

Ex SAS Fuel Deport

RT  1498
Portion of Indiva Siding Reserve on the Northern side of Siding (excluding Railway Strip)
Extent:  7.1 hectares.

RT  1498
Portion of Indiva Siding on the Southern side of Siding. (Excluding Railway Strip).
Extent:  7. 03 ha.

Vacant land.

Vacant land.
RT  1504
Portion of Lalapansi Siding A’ of Lalapansi.
Extent 1.93 hectares

RT   1503
Portion of Lalapansi Siding B’.
Extent 1.23 hectares.

Vacant land.

Vacant land.
RT  1522
Portion of Railway Reserve at Mvuma Siding of Central Estates.
Land on the Northern side of the station.
Extent:  11.5 hectares.

Vacant arable land.

RT  1524
Lot B’ Fairfield Siding of Requeza
Extent: 5.30ha

RT  1523
Portion of Lot ‘A  Fairfield Siding
Extent: 5.46ha

Vacant land. Partial encroachment

Vacant land.
RT 1322
Felixburg Road siding North excluding Railway strip
Extent 3.77 hectares

RT 1323
Felixburg Road Siding North excluding Railway strip
Extent:   3.78 ha.

Vacant land.

Vacant land.
RT  1972
Portion of Railway Strip 331 Chatsworth.
Extent:   0.38 hectares.

RT   350
Chatsworth Siding Reserve North West of Station
Extent.  4.03 hectares

RT  1970
Railway strip 347 Chartsworth – being small triangular piece of land on the extreme South of Station
Extent: 0.40ha

Residential Stand between Married Quarters LJ 20 and JV 18.
Extent:   0.37 ha.

Open piece of land.

Vacant land.  However there is encroachment on the western side where a Retail Shop was constructed.
Vacant land dissected by gravel road.

Vacant land.

Vacant stand
RT  516
Zimuto Siding East.
Extent:   7.02 hectares

RT   515
Zimuto Siding West
Extent:   7.02 Hectare

Vacant land.

Vacant land.
RT   1526
Portions of Victoria Railway Reserve

Land along Oliver Street North of Married Quarters
Extent: (1.61 hectares)

Land stretching from Club to Station Buildings.
Extent:  (0.84 hectares)

Land around low turning triangle straddled by Mushagashi river.
Extent: ( 15.13 hectares)

Land North of Station Area.
Extent:  (2.07 hectares)

Vacant land.

Vacant land.

Vacant land.

Vacant land.
Old Essexvale Station Reserve
Essexvale Station Reserve South portion of Lots 32 and 33 Portion of Essexvale Estate
Eastern side of rail – line.
RT  975
(6.7 hectares) including the Railway strip.

Old Essexvale Reserve on Western side of disused Station Reserve.
RT  984
Extent:  4.7ha
Disused Essexvale Station Reserve South being Portion of Lots 32 and 33 Portion of Essexvale Estate.
Extent:   4.7 ha.

Vacant land.
Bush overgrown land dissected by access roads.  .

Vacant land dissected by access roads.

BallaBalla Railway Reserve
RT  219
Portion of land Northern side of Station area to the Western side of Railway line.
Extent: 1.95ha

Residential Vacant Stands between houses.

Vacant land.

Four (4) vacant residential Stands in between houses
West Nicholson Station Reserve of Olympius block SRT  344
Portion of land on the East side of Married Quarters.

Portion of land former Loco turnaround triangle area.

Two separate blocks of land East and West of compound
Encroachment of 40m into Railway Reserve land by Nicholson Mine. (Also constructed three prefab timber houses for its employees).

Vacant land.

Vacant land.

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