Zanu Pf committing soft genocide: Another Robert Mugabe jamboree

Zimbabwe Cabinet ZANU PFThe 21st February movement has been a culturized as a national adulation day by Zanu pf members to celebrate the life of the lifelong president of Zimbabwe. Robert Mugabe will be turning 92 this year, where the party is estimated to cost 800 000 dollars in an already cash strapped economy fast tracking towards recession.

This year’s celebration is expected to be the biggest anniversary to celebrate the party’s veteran, who many members of the opposition parties and academics have condemned as unfit to run the country and to heal its economic wounds. The party has a goal of reaffirming the command of Robert Mugabe and top demonstrate to the people of Zimbabwe and the entire globe that Mugabe is still in control.

Mugabe has been the president of the ruling sobriquet since 1976 till today and has been ruling with an iron fist operating with the Machiavellian tactics dealing ruthlessly with those who challenge him or pose as a threat to the centre of gravity where is positioned. What has been known as the moment of madness was a demonstration by Mugabe in Matabeleland in a bid to create a one party state.

What surprises the eyes of the observer is that the Zanu pf government cognizant of the country economic woes where there is over 90% unemployment rate, with a GDP growth rate of -2,5% with 79% of the citizens living at less than a dollar a day, the once hub of industry Bulawayo has its building reduced into houses of worship as the industry is operating at less than 30% capacity utilisation.

The electricity crisis at alarming level have been the order of the day as the government fails to fully support the Batoka project that has capacity of generation 2000 megawatts of electricity .This economic quagmire has not reached the hearts of the ruling party with its stalwarts confirming their happiness towards the biggest party to be held this year. The government is failing to fulfil its obligation to pay teachers and nurses and to finance university operations.

The 800 000 is a huge amount to pay a $10 fee for 80 000 primary school children as this country committed itself to the United Nations Sustainable Development goal 4 in supporting basic education, thus the people language the of genocide committed by the ruling party.

The government continues to rob its workers in civil service while by spending uncontrollable while nicodimously paying those ion secret service as a tribute to avoid the ticking time bomb as all top dogs eye for the top post in the post Mugabe era, the current internal party cabals have dominated social media and newspapers with Emmerson Mnangangwa and the Group 40 being the visible camps besides that of the degraded, sympathy searching Joice Majuru facebook led cabal.

The celebrations will be dominated by the horde of educated, unemployed youths who will be singing eulogizing for their super as the economic crisis deepens and the material struggle dominates the rise of elite cannibalism at its zennith. Every graduation day in Zimbabwe creates a crop of a ‘new poor’ as the educated languish in absolute poverty and misery rendering the certificates useless and futile.

The 92nd anniversary is clear generational tussle against the youths who are nowhere closer to the national cake despite their population’s number, they have been used to be perpetrators of violence against members of their generation. The call for youths to come together in a bid to launch a real humbinger of a radically different Zimbabwe as a means to bring an end to the mafia led government and an introduction of the political matrix that accommodates inclusivity, practical solutions, government systems of government that a meant to solve the country and Africa s problems.

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5 Responses to Zanu Pf committing soft genocide: Another Robert Mugabe jamboree

  1. Richard January 24, 2016 at 12:50 pm

    The Zimbabweans just need to wait for the poor guy to die but unfortunately it doesnt seem like Mr Robert is going to die anytime soon…

  2. Angelande from Austria January 24, 2016 at 12:52 pm

    I like this site, I have learnt a lot of new things about Africa from it

  3. Rochford January 24, 2016 at 5:23 pm

    Well written, I feel like Zanu Pf is a disease which is highly contagious, we need to get rid of everyone who has had contact or relationship with any of them or their activities.

  4. Neal Meak January 24, 2016 at 5:34 pm

    Zimbabwean youths are scared chickenless.They can’t and will never stand up for themselves

  5. Mhofu January 24, 2016 at 5:37 pm

    Neal or whoever your name is why don’t you try to stand up for the so called poor Zimbabwean youths? You are the kind of people I call internet bullies, all you know is talk a big game behind that ipad of yours yet in real life you are nothing


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