Open Letter : President Emmerson Mnangagwa

Dear President Emmerson Mnangagwa

After spending over $500 million of stolen public funds on election regalia including cars and on the pollution of our scenery with misspelled billboards, who can believe that you still don’t understand why the youths are saying they will not vote for you?
Just as you and your former boss, Robert Mugabe, failed to understand what Ian Smith meant when he told you before 1980 that you needed a thousand years to evolve first before you could think of forming a proper government which serves the people, you’re still failing to understand why the youths are saying you should take your multicoloured scarf and follow Robert Mugabe into retirement.

It beats all logic, Mr President, how you fail to understand that it’s impossible to stop the wave of change when it comes.
Are you not the guy who witnessed your now retired boss failing to get the protection of the youths in November last year – youths that he was banking on and gloating about during the interface rallies? You saw the wild celebrations which followed the coup when Chiwenga toppled Mugabe from power while you were hiding in South Africa.

You witnessed the power of the new generation when youths flooded the streets in their numbers to celebrate Mugabe’s downfall, and how Mugabe bowed out in shame when Zimbabweans disowned him by supporting an illegal military intervention by his subordinates including you.

Mr President, you know that you’re just the premature beneficiary of a criminal act against our country’s constitution, a bad stain on our journey as a nation which the people want to regularize through a free and fair vote in July. All because the November coup which you carried out with VP Chiwenga was a bad precedent for our beautiful country.

You’re seeing pictures of poor Zimbabwean children wearing your campaign regalia because you were the chief security officer of a brutal regime which, through greed and misrule, made it difficult for parents to dress and send their children to good schools.
You’re seeing all those sad faces of women and children at your rallies – women who are forced to leave important chores to hold posters they barely understand in the sun, because you messed up with Mugabe. Women who are in a hurry to get clothes for their children from your rallies so they can quickly dash back home to fend for their families.

Mr President you’re getting reports about unhappy soldiers in our barracks whose allegiance for country and duty is a difficult everyday battlefield between country on one side, and clueless leaders like you who abuse their loyalty with your every command on the other side. Yet you still fail to understand that the mood of our soldiers is in sync with the rhythm and mood of us the people who live with our soldiers and depend on them for our protection and pride as a nation.

All your trusted intelligence staff is telling you that July 30 is impossible to cross through a free and fair election, yet you’re still determined to cross over nevertheless, winning or losing. You’re even determined to cheat your way back into power.
ZEC has already told you that the largest constituency this time is a group of youths and women who fired Mugabe in November by simply withholding their support and protection for him when you and your inner circle ganged up to topple him.

Shefra Dzamara is still begging you for answers concerning her husband, Itai, so that she is able answer difficult questions from her children who want to know what happened to their father. Questions that she is unable to answer because she too doesn’t know. Why can’t you give her closure by telling her what you and Mugabe did with Itai? Who doesn’t know that you were Mugabe’s chief security officer who carried out all his dirty work?

You’re certainly hearing the loud and very clear voice of the youths who are swearing by their mothers and their fathers, and by their missing comrades, that come hail come sunshine, they will vote for Nelson Chamisa even if he is everything which you say he is.
You’re the same man who has sent Allan Wenyika back into exile, away from family and work, by unleashing deadly assassins on him for no crime besides speaking truth which you cannot bear to hear because truth is not in you.
Are you not the same guy who doesn’t want the youths to hear the truth because you fear that if they do they will share it amongst themselves and refuse to accept the fake election on July 30 which you want them to legitimise through their vote?
If Ian Smith failed to stop you and our gallant heroes from freeing Zimbabwe, what makes you think you can stop the youths from choosing a president of their choice on July 30? Or standing their ground if you attempt to steal their vote after the election?
Why do you think you must be the one to choose a leader for the youths? Are they not capable of electing or removing Chamisa from power by themselves if he doesn’t suit what they want after the elections?

Why should the youths not be allowed to make their own mistakes as every other adult voter who made the mistake of keeping Mugabe and yourselves in power for 37 years until you ruined their country and future with Bob?
Are the youths and women at fault when they refuse to be vendors and cross border traders because their space in the job market was destroyed by your greed and selfishness with Mugabe?

You laugh at Chamisa’s big dreams because you fail to understand that we’re now in the 21st century, not in 1960, and that other nations are sending spaceships to the limits of our galaxy and beyond while you’re shamelessly moving around with a scarf and a begging bowl for foreign investment which you loot as soon as it arrives.

Whoever gave you the idea of wearing a scarf in hot weather should also tell you to stop hunting for people like Allan Wenyika and their friends. They also want to be home with their loved ones in their country of birth like you.
Why don’t you start work on turning around the fortunes of Zimbabwe until we become a normal nation again, instead of sending your people to harm innocent civilians for telling you difficult truths?

You should begin by dealing with the can of worms which Warship Dumba and Celine Eunice Nyakutsikwa have opened for you and ZEC. Maybe it can help you plan how to hide ‘Nikuv 2018’ from the eyes of the youths.

You can kill people Mr President, you have killed before, but you can never kill their message if it is rooted in truth. Itai Dzamara’s message is very alive today although he is no longer with us because it was a message rooted in truth.

Zimbabwe and the world will resist your rule. They know what you did to their beautiful country. They also know that you have not changed at all.


Allan Wenyika

PS : I recommend the hashtags below for your campaign. Good luck.

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