Zimbabwe’s ED bomb, real or another “sympathy symphony”?

There are many unanswered questions around what transpired today in the very province where ED was allegedly poisoned. I maintain that he was never poisoned, he was just looking for probable cause and enough public sympathy from the people such that when he eventually usurped power from Mugabe, they would not resist his actions and disown his illegitimate regime.

When Jonathan Moyo presented that Blue Ocean document in that famous or infamous politburo meeting, a lot of people, probably including the then president Robert Mugabe actually thought he was lying and just clutching at straws in a bid to force out Mugabe’s former right hand man.

The now infamous “sympathy symphony” began with endless talk of unsanctioned intrusion into ED’s office at Munhumutapa by “unknown” culprits.

Unknown even to this day. The story just did not add up. There was one break-in after another. Nothing was reportedly stolen, yet the “thieves” kept breaking in.

The plot was in motion. The thread of the whole scheme was enlisting public sympathy towards Mnangagwa and portraying an image of a soft vulnerable scared man. To make the countless break-ins story stick, they even went a step further and poisoned Mnangagwa’s secretary and she ended up in hospital.

There was a large possibility that she might even have lost her life, because cyanide is a very potent poison.

Such is the treachery of these men. They do not really care who they sacrifice, as long as their end result is achieved. The plot to remove Mugabe, was well known amongst service chiefs but they were tight lipped about the whole thing.

But as shrewd as Jonathan Moyo is, he managed to sniff it out and expose it, and that is was the prologue of the “sympathy symphony”.

Mnangagwa initially had no need to remove Mugabe. He had nicely positioned himself as the next in line, after he eliminated Joice Mujuru and her husband, the latter dying a sorry and painful death in a mysterious fire that engulfed part of his farmhouse.

What jolted him into action to remove Mugabe was none other than Grace Mugabe, after she, with the help and possible instigation and persuasion from people like Saviour Kasukuwere, Jonathan Moyo, Ignatius Chombo, Patrick Zhuwawo to name but a few, realised that there was too much power vested in her husband, and he was thus untouchable.

she could manage to eliminate, with the support and protection of her husband, everyone else and position herself as the next in line, she would also inherit a throne that had absolute power and she would rule with an iron fist just as her husband did til she died or decided to hand over power to any one of the men surrounding her. There was no way Mnangagwa could easily do away with Grace, she was, after all, “his” creation. But she had now amassed too much and there was just no way he could do away with her without enraging her husband.

After the professor’s revelation in that politburo meeting, the die had been cast, Mnangagwa et al had no other option but to remove the first family from Zimbabwean politics. We all know what happened after the “poisoning scare” part of the sympathy symphony and it is exactly what has led us to where we are now.

Mnangagwa now seeks to gain legitimacy. His plan was progressing well without hiccups as the main opposition leader Morgan Richard Tsvangirayi was ailing.

Suspicion is rife that he was poisoned by ZANU Pf, and some might call it mere coincidence but the timing of Mnangagwa and Chiwenga’s visit to Tsvangirayi at his house was ultimately their farewell to the democrat.

They probably knew that his time had run out and thought, well, why not bid him farewell and score cheap political points in one swoop. He eventually passed on in February at a hospital in South Africa. May his soul rest in eternal peace. The plan seemed to have succeeded, except for one thing, or rather person, Advocate Nelson Chamisa.

Morgan Richard Tsvangirayi lived just long enough for Nelson Chamisa to turn 40, thereby making him eligible to run for presidency. The flames of democratic change were suddenly reignited and now burned ever so brightly. The young man (by African political standards) truly hit the ground running and became a game changer.

He has galvanised the country with charisma and energy matching that of his predecessor in his prime. He presented a masterpiece of an election manifesto and roadmap for Zimbabwe.

Mnangagwa, having blocked out all other opposition players, in particular Chamisa, from state media, realised that the 40 year old lawmaker was getting unmitigated coverage on social media, deployed intelligence officers across social media platforms to proffer his advance towards a permanent stay at state house for the next 5 years and counter the bullet train crusade that has engulfed social media circles.

They have tried their best but Chamisa’s popularity with his #Godisinit mantra has exponentially grew regardless. Chamisa has not disappointed, keeping his eyes on the ball.

First arm-twisting the electoral body to allow for the opposition parties to also inspect and oversee the manufacture of ballot papers to be used in the election, he has now upped the ante and shifted to the voters’ roll.

ZEC had tried its best to stall releasing the voters’ roll. True to its antics of being a partisan electoral body, gave the British embassy the roll before they gave it to opposition parties just to cast aspersions on lamentations by opposition parties about ZEC’s conduct.

It backfired, and ZEC was left with egg on face. When they did eventually release the roll it did not contain photographs of voters.

But as resolute as he has proved, Chamisa is living no stone unturned to get a proper document which will be audited to weed out ghost voters. In light of this, Mnangagwa has realised that it is becoming increasingly difficult to rig this election because Chamisa and team are out in full force to thwart any chances of rigging the election.

Over and above Chamisa employing a robust election campaign strategy that has seen him campaigning in almost every district in Zimbabwe, election observers keeping a keen interest on all that is taking place here have also made it difficult for Emerson to rig his way to state house.

Chamisa has largely been endorsed by the largely youthful electorate and will no doubt land the top job come July 30. Saturday 23 June and Mnangagwa shockingly pulled out the big guns. He has gone back to the “sympathy symphony” of his and this time he has used a “bomb”, yes, a real bomb.

Lets suppose someone out there wants to kill him, a head of state for that matter, it baffles logic why he/she would take his/her chances by using “that” bomb which, by any stretch of the imagination, judging by the way it blew up, is definitely not the best way to eliminate an individual. Everything is too amateurish.

Maybe if it was a parcel bomb, yah that would work way better than that “bomb” that did not even leave him with a scratch. And if you think about it, how did anyone smuggle a bomb and place it where it was placed without being noticed by the many military and intelligence attachés that are involved in everything that the president does and everywhere he goes?

It is public knowledge that dictators fear death because they have killed too many people and thus have too many enemies, and everyone knows, even the grass at the venue of a rally is carefully scrutinised to ensure there is no hope of anyone or anything threatening the life of the president.

But, in spite of all that security, a “bomb” was smuggled nonetheless, placed somewhere very close to where the VIP were to sit, undetected, missed by all the army and intelligence personnel when they conducted a sweep of the venue before the president arrived, and remained there for who knows how long, only to be detonated just as Mnangagwa was passing.

If it really was an assassination attempt it definitely was the poorest I have ever seen. We have seen way better assassinations on many television shows.

Would it not have been easier and more effective if they (the people who want him dead) had just hired a professional sniper to do a clean and perfect job? Too many questions people, which only points to the fact that this is yet another Mnangagwa “sympathy symphony”.

Noo Mr. President, Zimbabwe is sick and tired of your childish antics. Grant us our reforms, level the playing field and we will obliterate you and your party into oblivion once and for all.

Zimbabwe does not need all this unnecessary drama from you trying to divert attention from the election and gain public sympathy. From signing deals with shelf companies to detonating bombs at your rallies, we have had enough iwe mhani.

My fellow Zimbabweans, we should not let these clueless manipulative despotic tyrannical evil men play Russian roulette with our lives. Let us vote them out once and for all. I rest my case. This Mnangagwa

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Source: AfricaMetro

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