Principles of Modern Day Slavery and Soft Colonization as Implemented by Donald Trump

I was prompted to write this article as a result of a horrible dream I had. In this rather amazingly bizarre dream of mine, we were back in colonial times and white people were making us their slaves and at one point I remember myself hiding in a curve together with my family. In my dream white people were also killing black people for no reason and using black women as sex slaves. I don’t usually dream but this dream scared me a lot and has me worried.

I have never felt home in the US but for the past couple of months things have gotten worse, I feel more and more scared on a daily basis. The truth of the matter is that the US was not made for a black man, the foundation of how it was built was based upon oppressing the minorities and depriving them of their rights and we are currently witnessing the same principles being implemented by the current president, Mr. Donald Trump and I have facts to support my theory,
Taking away the rights of black people: The NFL mess,

Donald Trump does not approve of black people protesting which is their rights, he was quoted saying he would love it if NFL owners would fire sons of bitches who kneel during the national anthem.The Cowboys owner Jerry Jones who is known to be a friend and supporter of Trump was publicly revealed that he will not play players who knelt during the national anthem.

Supporting and White nationalists or Nazis

Donald J Trump called Nazis fine people, keep in mind they violently protested and even when on to murder a person and yet the president of the so-called land of the brave goes on to call them fine people whereas the black NFL players protesting quietly are called sons of bitches.

Take away the right to freedom of speech

He has continuously attacked and branded the press as FAKE NEWS and threated the owners of news networks to fire journalists who report negative facts about him the recent example being what Janelle Hill a black ESPN sports journalists who was recently suspended for supporting black NFL players through her social media following.

He wants America continuously distracted hence the attention seeking behavior

Trump continuously does a thing which distracts people from paying attention to real issues but petty issues which are grabbing the news. He strategically does it so as to give himself breathing space to do more damage, it’s a tactic and most people or better yet the TV networks or journalists are falling for the trap. The example of Pence attending an NFL game and walking out after few minutes because there were players who knelt during the national anthem, that was a planned shenanigan because everyone knew NFL players were going to kneel to protest police brutality yet the so-called Vice president wasted millions of taxpayers’ money to attend the game and walk out after a few minutes. That the definition of irresponsibleness.

Instilling fear and telling police to be rough on black people

American police are known to act judge, jury, and executioner when dealing with black people, they tend to shoot them first and ask questions later and Donald Trump has advised police not to be so nice to them when they are even getting them into the back of the police car.

He is a bully to his own people

The Republicans are in for a treat too with Trump using bullying tactics to get her agenda going and that’s the same principle used by Hitler during his days, people let him run over them and look what he did. Republicans are letting him run over them and look what he has done so far.

Treating other countries as second/third citizens,

The ways he treated Puerto Rico as they faced the worst hurricane of their lives is not short of shameful and embarrassing. He treated them as if they do not matter as if they are not human beings and to make it even worse there is a footage of him throwing tissues to them as if he was feeding chickens.

Enough of blaming Trump how about Americans in general, look 30 million people voted for him and what does that say about us? Everyone knew what Trump was before he runs for presidents, a Racists, white supremacists, idiot, imbecile, etc and yet we still voted him in power.

If you voted for Trump you are racists and you believe white people are superior to minorities. Most of you did not know that you were racists but having voted for Trumpconfirms that you are racists. However don’t worry we can cry over spilled milk, now that you know that you are a racist what are you going to do about, that the most important part, the steps you take no matter for the following generation and making the US a better place. I am not going to tell you what to because you know what you have to do.

If you a minority and voted for Trump them you are still colonized or a slave in your mind. You are following what the master expects of you and the disappointing part is that you are a lost cause there is nothing you can do to get rid of that mentality but you can help the next generation (your kids.).It will take a generation or more to get rid of the slaver or mental colonization but please make sure you try to give your kids an opportunity or environment which will free them from that mental colonization. Let your children choose their destiny and be what they want to be, do not limit them or their imaginations that the only way to get rid of the mental consolidation.

If you did not vote that means you are also mentally enslaved because you think or believe that you have no value, you do not matter, the master will decide your destiny. A lot of people have a lot of reasons why they did not vote but it all comes down to the fact that you are still mentally colonized and white supremacists like Trump are taking advantage of the situation.

America we have devalued the prestige and honor which comes with the opportunity of having been a US president. Being an American president is no longer secured, it’s just something which anyone with 30 million Twitter followers and a bill money can achieve.

America is no longer the land of the free world is completely the opposite, there is just too much oppression, modern slavery, and soft colonization. It might come as a disappointment to many but those are the facts.

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