Terrorism in Africa – Al-Shabaab Somalia’s sociopathic murderers

Is religion the darkest blemish on humanities' track record?


I’ll give you some background on the beginnings and rise of Al-Shabaab. It’s a long story that started in 2006. The Bush Administration didn’t trust anything that was Islamic. The lady in the State department in charge of Africa was Jendayi Frazer. She was very favourable to the Ethiopian dictator Zenawi to the point of undermining the UN. She also helped him avoid international isolation when he stole an election, massacred protesters and jailed the opposition leaders.

Anyway in 2006 the CIA paid Somali warlords in Mogadishu to attack a group of Islamic Courts in Mogadishu. The only people after 18 years of civil war that Somalis trusted. However people in Southern Somalia stood behind them and they beat the warlords. Not only that but they managed to unite all of Southern Somalia except for a small area. For the first time in 18 years there was a group that all Somalis trusted, that weren’t warlords and that could bring effective peace without discriminating against anybody. That wasn’t good for Ethiopia. They have been arming and supporting warlords in Somalia so that when they start a “government” they could have pawns in charge.

The US government accused the Islamic Courts of being terrorists, helped Ethiopia invade and launched airstrikes. The Islamic Courts collapsed quickly but then everybody realized how much they messed up. The Islamic Courts weren’t terrorists and were actually making sure that crazy people didn’t do anything stupid. Once the Ethiopians invaded people fought back very hard. Al-Shabaab was one of those groups that fought. They were very successful. They were composed 30/30/30 of some people who were certifiably insane terrorists, people who weren’t but willing to talk like that for more support and people who really weren’t and thought all of that was stupid. They did the most work to free Somalia and as time went by the moderates suffered more casualties from the insurgencies and their side kept getting weaker. At the same time the State Department got Clinton who saw the mess that the Bush Administration made.

Her idea of fixing the mess was to basically get the former Islamic Courts leaders to join in a 50/50 partnership with the warlords. This partly worked but in the end it failed. Most people were disgusted that the warlords were legitimized, how the new “government” hadn’t changed anything and how people who actually fought to liberate Somalia were ignored. This undermined the last of the moderates in Somalia and Al-Shabaab was finally on the irrevocable path to crazy terrorists.

Honestly the group has changed over the years. Before 2006 they used to be zealous young men who spent their time fighting warlords and people who discriminated against vulnerable ethnic minority. They fought really hard to liberate Southern Somalia and saw others use that gain for their own purpose. One of their leaders took the group in the path to be more like Al-Qaeda and for that to occur they had to “purge” the moderate members. Now they are just a crazy ISIS like group that kills people all the time.

Al-Shabaab is funded by Saudi Arabia in Somalia and beyond.

The current Kenyan government is doing a poor job keeping the Al-Shabaab infestation away from their borders. What do you expect from a National Security Council made up of the president’s tribesmen?

That plus the fact that police and border patrol are paid peanuts so they engage in corruption and take bribes. They sell their service guns and allow illegals into the country for in exchange for bribes. It’s very easy to get a national Kenyan ID also. Just slip something to an immigration official for ‘tea’. There isn’t much difference between Kenyan ethnic Somalis and those from Somalia so they can just blend in.

Kenya is a Democratic Republic, and one of the gems in Africa. Saudi Arabia does not want Kenya to be a shining example. Kenya has good relations with Russia, which Saudi Arabia hates.

For all intensive purposes this is a proxy between Saudi Arabia and Kenya. Saudi Arabia exports terrorism and countries like Kenya are paying the price. Kenya has been taking it in the gut lately with the Mall killings and the most recent Garissa massacre.

Heart goes out to the people of Kenya. The World knows and we are with you.

The reason for this is because Kenya is fighting them in Somalia. Al-Shabaab used to control all of Southern Somalia and they used to be busy fighting the so called government that is composed of warlords and people who used to be allied with Al-Shabaab but switched sides when Clinton essentially bribed them. None of the local Somali groups can effectively fight Al-Shabaab.

The primary method of fighting them is to have African troops from Uganda and Burundi and make them “peacekeepers”. Notice the word? Yeah it’s not what they’re doing over there since peace keepers are there only to keep peace. These guys fight. They are given equipment, logistical support and are paid by the the US government and some EU countries. This is very very good for both sides. The EU and the US are paying them in a year what one of their soldiers would get in less than a month. They are also giving them low-grade equipment. It actually cost more money to run the Naval ships that sail around the coast of Somalia. For these Africans however they’re getting more money than they would ever earn back home. Plus they don’t actually pay the soldiers the full salary. A cut is taken by the higher ups. The army also gets trained and gets free equipment. It’s a gravy train for everybody.

What happened is at one point one of the guys working for Al-Shabaab in the city of Kismayo got greedy and wanted more tax revenues for himself and his tribe. He fought Al-Shabaab and obviously lost. He ran away to Kenya with his fighters. At the same time criminals in the areas were kidnapping Kenyan tourists and damaging their industry. It most certainly wasn’t Al-Shabaab because at this point they don’t do anything like that. These were the guys who shutdown piracy in Southern Somalia by chasing pirates in a speedboat and arresting them. They don’t like criminals. In this case they seem to have done nothing about it.

The Kenyans obviously saw how much money Uganda and Burundi was making from their mercenary activities. So they blamed the kidnappings on Al-Shabaab and attacked them in Somalia with the greedy idiot who ran away. That kind of took the other countries by surprise. Their troops then became “peacekeepers” and are now funded by the US and EU governments. Last I heard the Ethiopians joined in the action to get that slice of money cake.

Al-Shabaab is a group that has been morphing. They used to be a group that was fighting to free Somalia from warlords and their militias. They had members that ranged from incredibly crazy jihadists to more moderates who just wanted to oust the warlords. Over time the moderates have been sidelined or killed. They’ve gone psycho and they do insanely crazy things.

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Source: Africa Metro

15 Responses to Terrorism in Africa – Al-Shabaab Somalia’s sociopathic murderers

  1. Hector November 18, 2015 at 11:05 pm

    Why is al Shabab targeting Kenya? Due to that country’s high percentage of Christians? Or any other reason?

    • Abraham Linco November 18, 2015 at 11:11 pm

      Kenya is supporting the African Union mission in Somalia which is fighting al Shabab. In their statements following the attacks, they said that the attack was in response to Kenya’s refusal to comply with their demands to withdraw from Somalia.

      In my own opinion, they’d still be doing this anyway even if Kenya wasn’t involved in the fighting in Somalia. Groups like them don’t need reasons for what they do.

      • hugeneral647 November 19, 2015 at 2:22 am

        Exactly they just do what they can get away with and then make a ‘reason’ for it afterwards

        • PistonFreak November 19, 2015 at 2:25 am

          So what’s their motive then?

  2. Terence Jones November 18, 2015 at 11:07 pm

    The civilized world needs to stand together and sanitize the Muslim world of this foul jihad scourge.

    • GreatBigPig November 18, 2015 at 11:10 pm

      The civilized world needs to sort its own shit out first.

  3. filmcostar November 18, 2015 at 11:09 pm

    Who do you consider civilized? The West who bomb and torture people with no repercussions? China? Russia? Please.

  4. God bless the queen November 18, 2015 at 11:13 pm

    This likely means that al-Shabaab is being backed against a wall due to AMISOM’s efforts. They are no longer a “parallel government” in Somalia. They are turning into a pure terrorist organization, and I foresee al-Shabaab launching more attacks in Kenya, Uganda, and Burundi. Believe it or not, al-Shabaab has been severely diminished by AMISOM efforts. These attacks are aimed to make al-Shabaab look more capable than it really is.

  5. friskdingo November 19, 2015 at 1:59 am

    A few things set religious extremism apart from non-religious extremism.
    1) Belief in an afterlife ( and not just the less insane belief that their might be some sort of life after death, but the firm belief that you know what happens when you die and it is desirable )
    This reduces the deterrent effect that the violent nature and chance of dying has on rational people
    2) Being practiced in the art of accepting people’s word about things that the logical part of your brain does not want to accept, as well as the related habit of taking advice on your beliefs from clergy ( which many of the Islamists and other R.E. are )
    This weakens the reaction you would normally have to the batshit insanity of religious extremist beliefs, and makes you more practiced on accepting authority.
    3) Belief in a religion ( some more than others ) makes you think in ingroup-outgroup terms. It is the hallmark of extremist groups ( especially religious ones ) that those in the “ingroup” can do no wrong, and those in the “outgroup” deserve no rights.

  6. justpassingby November 19, 2015 at 2:01 am

    Let there be no mistake.

    Any country these animals get their hands on is going to look like Cambodia in the 1970’s.

  7. absump November 19, 2015 at 2:03 am

    And that is why Kenyans are such good runners.

  8. Lonnie Smith November 19, 2015 at 2:04 am

    At what point will countries start to target Muslims in general as terrorists. While it may not happen in more developed country, but in African nations its a total possibility.

  9. jackschitt November 19, 2015 at 2:21 am

    They’re so intent on sharing their peaceful religion that they’ll kill anyone that doesn’t convert before they get there.

  10. Kevin Kent November 19, 2015 at 2:23 am

    This all seems really interesting, and I’m sad to say I have been very ignorant about the recent comings and goings in Africa.

  11. PistonFreak November 19, 2015 at 2:24 am

    Somalis were moderate, fun-loving Sufis until Saudi Arabians used their oil money to spread Islamist fascism.

    The people we have to thank are Islamists – the answer is to ban Sharia. Take away the one toy they want more than anything else. Just ban it entirely. No Sharia for you.


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