Why Waiakea Water is the Best

Many people are starting to make the switch from their traditional tap water with bottled water and for many reasons too. Some like it because of the accessibility, while others like it for the taste and quality. Whatever the case may be, bottled water can be a safer alternative to water that you get from your tap at home. However, when you go to buy bottled water, you need to be aware of things like the source and brand. That is why Waiakea Water has been such a good option for many people.

With a strong standing behind the water itself, Waiakea is known for the alkalinity of the water by carefully examining the pH levels of the water they bottle. They provide the general public with a peace of mind that they are drinking water with the best pH level to maintain the proper tissue and cellular health in the body. Since many drinks are acidic, Waiakea promotes more alkaline water that doesn’t damage your teeth or your body.

Their unique look at bottle water has given them the opportunity to provide water that has a natural pH of 8.2, which is alkaline. It remains away from the acidic range on the pH scale, and it provides individuals with many different benefits that don’t come with the other brands out there. In fact, the Waiakea water pH level is beneficial for many.

The company isn’t your average bottled water company, and they firmly stand on their promise to provide natural bottled water that is sustainable and sourced right from a unique place. They also seek to provide valuable drinking water to other parts of the globe, working hard to donate the water where it is needed. Waiakea is proud to be a leader when it comes to helping people and the environment.

The Unique Approach

Created in 2012, Waiakea bottled water began from the idea of a man named Ryan Emmons. He is the current CEO and the founder of the company. Since he grew up around California and in Hawaii, Emmons was surrounded by some of the most beautiful landscape in the world. His childhood usually consisted of exploring, which led him to a bountiful source of water right at the base of a Hawaiian volcano. The water was delicious, and he decided to share it with the world.

The Water from a Volcano

The water is naturally pure and healthy, and it comes from a sustainable source of water, making it both unique and beneficial. It is naturally alkaline, and it has a unique filtration process. Since it filters naturally through the volcanic rock, nature is the true filtration system, giving it a more environmentally friendly option.

The water constantly flows so it is never sitting stagnant. The company is transparent about their Hawaii volcano water, and it is putting all of the natural benefits of the resources in nature to good use. Waiakea also has many benefits for individuals as well, like neutralizing stomach acid, boosting hydration, and helping reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s.


This water is unique, just like the Hawaiian people that take pride in their water. The source is incredible, and the volcano water benefits are out of this world. The sustainable sourcing of the water makes it friendly for the environment and beneficial for individuals throughout the globe. Waiakea is surely a great company to be known as the most awarded beverage company in North America.

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Source: Waiakea Water

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